Travel Date: Friday, May 30 2014

I got up in the morning, and had to check out by 11 AM. Decided that I was going to go to the Gaudi house: Casa Batlló. After breakfast I headed out the door, and after reaching Casa Batlló, I decided to skip it because 1. I didnt have a ticket and 2. the line was around the block.

So I decided to walk around Barcelona and enjoy the city with the limited time I have.

At around 2:10 PM I headed to the bus station and caught my bus around 3 PM. The bus was later from its scheduled time of 2:40 PM.

I pretty much slept on the bus ride. The arrival time was around 9:40 PM so I was excited to see the sunset from the bus.

Sunset from windmills.

When I arrive my friend Rebeca greeted me at the bus station. I was soo happy and excited to see her.

Her boyfriend Josean was in the car and I jumped at the opportunity to embrace him.

Group selfie!

We dropped my bag and other stuff at the house and caught the bus downtown to a new bar.

 We get some drinks.

We also order some pinchos.

Apparently this pincho comes with this wine.

I ask the person beside me to take a picture.

Moments later, I meet Teresa (who took the picture), Natalia and Santiago and we have a good conversation about us and the Camino and they are all wonderful people.

Natalia has three tickets to a Jazz show and she gives them to us and we head over there.


 After enjoying a little bit of the Jazz concert we decide to go get some pinchos


And bounce off to another too.

I love walking in Pamplona.

I love the streets of Pamplona in the night time. And I love these two people.