Travel Date: Saturday, May 31 2014

Got up in the morning and hang breakfast with Josean and Rebeca, and reminisced about the last time I was here and did this with them.

We left to the bus station since I had to catch my bus from Pamplona to San Sebastian at 11 AM. And one last picture goodbye before I enter the bus.

Okay okay… one last picture.

The bus moves on and I shed many tears thinking about not seeing them for a while. They are such good people.

I talked to Laida a wonderful girl from Tafalla on the way to San Sebastian. She was catching the train to Irun for the weekend. Was quite interesting that she spoke some English and was studying and we decided to teach other Spanish and English.

I arrived in San Sebastian and got off the bus and starting walking to my albergue.

I hung out with some new friends Kristine (Winnipeg, Canada) and Erica (Camberra, Australia) and walked around San Sebastian and went coffee shop hopping.

And people watching.

And then we walked around and went to another… just because.

We walked around the waterfront, enjoyed the limited sunshine through the clouds.

And enjoyed a local singing contest.

Later in the day I was supposed to meet up with my Camino friend Ane who lives in San Sebastian. There was a wonderful cultural festival taking place at the FNAC building we were supposed to meet at.

I met up with Ane and we went to a local restaurant and met up with her friend and had a few drinks and talked deeply about Basque culture. I loved learning about their history and heritage.

And then went pintxo (pincho) restaurant hopping and it was delicious.

The food at the first place was DELICIOUS! Just amazing. We moved around to another restaurant … and another … and another.

A fun evening filled with lots of good Basque food, wine and friendship. And celebrate we did.