Travel Date: Sunday, June 1 2014
Got up and went to the bus station to purchase a ticket from San Sebastian to Madrid. My credit card never works when I try to book it online. 
Came across this fountain near the bus station.

As I was walking back I noticed a Chocolate Shop and I just had to walk in and take a peek.

After a small taste test …

I was buying some delicious goodies. It is actually priced by weight.

As I was walking back I started appreciating some of the vegetable and fruit stores that Spain has. I love their displays on the regular streets.

I walked around the Romantic part of the city and then the Historic part of the city to appreciate it more.

I see a church in the background and want to check it out.

Artwork in the streets.

I walk around some more …

And run into a festival with traditional dancing in one of the plazas

That was fun to see. I walk around and try some of the fried goodies.

I continue to walk back to the hostel and come across San Sebastian himself and the Basque flag.

I meet up with some friends from the dorm and we go out for a little walk AGAIN.

But this time it is totally worth it.


We walk by the coast line and see the island in the middle from afar.

And walk by the Miramar Palace.

Two of us have walked the Camino and we run into another person who moved to San Sebastian after she completed her Camino. She identified us because I shouted Buen Camino to someone walking a Camino route: probably the Camino del Norte one.

We head back to the dorm, and I take a much needed nap. Erica and I meet up with the others at the Cathedral to head to the old part of the city for pinchos dinner.

We enter a small restaurant and try some pinchos in the old city. I then dig out my phone and identify the wonderful place Ane introduced to me and it is very close by, so we all head there after we finish up at the first restaurant.

I forgot to take the picture before I ate half of it, but yes it was delicious. Better late than never.

Satisfied friends.

Satisfied belly!!

We bounce around to another pinchos restaurant.

And I just have to try the mushrooms again.

After this I’m done. We go to another restaurant and some of the others grab some other pinchos and we head back to the hostel after picking up some wine. A couple of us chill and talk till 2 AM in the morning and then say our goodbyes.

San Sebastian is a beautiful city. A little small for me but a good getaway for a day or two. Ane is a wonderful hostess and showed me a couple of great spots that definitely came handy for Day 2. Thank you Ane!!