Travel Date: Wednesday, June 4 2014

I get up in the morning well rested. I slept like a ROCK!

Jason, Tammy and I get some morning coffee. We are still in sleep mode.

Tammy goes to work, and Jason and I head out for breakfast to a Mediterranean diner called Zorba’s.

I get the veggie omelete.

And we head out to Lexington, Virginia where I lived for what feelings like forever. He drops me off at my previous office (Sigma Nu Headquarters) where I spent the last 13 years employed. There are many great people and memories in this place.

I say goodbye to Jason and thank him for being such a great person and dear friend. And I walk around the office reconnecting with many of the staff who I haven’t seen in a few months. It is great to see familiar faces and get the low down on what is happening.

My friend, chapter and fraternity brother, gym buddy, and ex-co-worker Todd invites me to stay at his home and have dinner with his family. Todd and I are from the same school and obviously same fraternity but different time periods. He is the reason I actually got a job since he placed my resume in the folder of resumes and months later they needed an IT guy and I needed a job to stay in the country. Lets just say I owe him A LOT for my time at Sigma Nu, my fitness, and that I am a green card holder.

So dinner time rolls by and Todd is at the grill station, doing what he does best and loves to do. GRILL BABY GRILL!

The food is delicious. Steaks, corn, veggies, and bread with butter. Staple American meal. Already feeling welcomed back to the USA!

Sorry Sherri, had to sneak the pic in there. 🙂

After a delicious dinner and great company with Todd, Sherri, Mary Katherine, Ann Charles, and Sarah (in spirit), I whip out my Surface laptop and give them a picture review and story telling session of the Camino, and then it is bed time at 10:30 PM. I want to stay up longer and pack for my road trip and catch up with blog, but my body clock still hasn’t adjusted to the timezone.

It will have to wait another today. Tomorrow my road trip across the United States begins with a trip to Annapolis, Maryland via the Shenandoah National Park.

Expenses: $7.67
Breakfast: $7.67 (Zorbas)