I got up in the morning at ate breakfast with Todd and the girls. And thanked him for being a good friend. I love the view outside his house – so peaceful.
And since I was leaving Lexington again to go on my US road trip I decide to go one last time to Lexington Coffee. And behold the young lads were all there doing their daily thing. They were surprised to see me and greeted me with full enthusiasm. 

10 mins later, I was out of there with my triple shot latte.

Since I was driving to Annapolis, Maryland I decided to go via the Shenandoah National Park and also use my America the Beautiful park pass that gets me free entry into any National Park. It was amazing.

After the trip I headed to Annapolis, Maryland. I hit some serious DC traffic on the interstate and eventually get there on time. My friend Tim Cole was heading to a concert and I was going to meet up with him later at his home. In the meantime I was fortunate to be able to reconnect with my friend Yuliya from the Ukraine. It had been many years since we last saw each other.

I arrived in Annapolis and settled in and walked around the city and Main St.

And then I saw my friend Yuliya. We walked around the city and sat down by the waterfront and caught up on the time that had past and where each other was in our lives.

We felt a little hungry and so we walked around a crepes place nearby (Sofi’s Crepes) and it was amazing.


We walked around more and my sweet tooth kicked in. So off to get some ice cream.

And I forgot to get a pic of the ice-cream. But it was definitely tasty.

After the ice-cream, it was getting a little dark and late. We walked back to the car and said our goodbyes. I had sometime to kill so I went to a local bar and watched part of the Spurs and Heat basketball game. And then headed over to Tim’s house, talked with him, his girlfriend Kate and her friend Erin for a bit before I took a shower and crashed on the couch.

But just before I took my shower, the girls went into their room and cuddled for a bedtime story by Tim. Yes, a bedtime story. Quite the entertainment. Wished I got a bedtime story :-(.

Tomorrow, I go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and then to see Mike in Pittsburgh. Excited about that!!

Expenses: $61.73
Coffee: $6.34 (At LexCoffee)
Gasoline: $7.01
Gasoline: $25.27
Parking: $4.00
Chewing Gum: $1.40
Dinner: $8.75
Ice-cream: $3.95
Beer: $5.01