I got up really early in the morning in Annapolis, Maryland and worked away on some blog posts. Tim, Kate and Erin wake up and we head out to a local coffee shop/restaurant for breakfast.

We get back in the car, head back home and a little goofiness ensues on the drive back.

I say my goodbyes and take off to Baltimore, Maryland to see the National Aquarium.

After the National Aquarium I drove down to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The toll system is weird in Pennsylvania. I didn’t have cash and you need cash. They do not accept credit cards. Otherwise they take your drivers license, scan it, charge you a $2 processing fee and then you can go online and pay for an additional $1 convenience fee instead of mailing it for free – minus the postage fee. Stupid (Rant over!)
I meet up with Mike, we head out to a local restaurant (Al’s Cafe) in the Bethel Park area just outside of Pittsburgh.

Mike makes me order a I.C. Light Beer. It is the local favorite.

We chat for a long time, drinking the one I.C. Light and then lots of wine and finally dinner. The bar is smoky – yuck, but the company is great. Mike is a great host. Time flies by and we head on home. 
Mike shows me my room: the Hokie room and it is fully decorated with much Hokie gear and Virginia Tech colors. I feel like I am in Southwest Virginia already – not too far from home.
Time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of touring Pittsburgh. Looking forward to some serious walking.

Expenses: $91.50
Breakfast: $21.00
National Aquarium Ticket: $34.95
Parking: $14.00
Lunch: $6.35
Tolls: $15.20 (Drive from Baltimore, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Note: Tolls can be avoided by taking the back roads. Please carry cash to pay tolls, otherwise you will have to pay a $2 processing fee for paying later and a $1 convenience fee for paying your toll online. Should I bend over now or later. The toll came up to $12.20.