Travel Date: Thursday , June 5 2014

Last year my friend I was with my friend Will in Georgetown, Washington, DC and he told me to take a trip back to Lexington via the Shenandoah National Park when I have a long day, because it is beautiful. I felt compelled to do it that day even though I had only a few hours but I clearly recall loving the view.

Since I was driving to Annapolis, Maryland I decided to go via the Shenandoah National Park and also use my America the Beautiful park pass that gets me free entry into any National Park. I was going to enter from the South entrance called Rockfish Gap near Waynesboro/Afton Mountain.
I received a map of the park and decided I was going to stop at every overlook post from the South side to the North and enjoy the view. Just to note there are many overlook posts – so be prepared to spend a lot of time. A LOT OF TIME!


And more beautiful scenery

And finally I pass the last overlook and get to the North entrance/exit.

Finally done with the driving 25-40 mph through the park. The views were amazing and definitely something you should try if you have a lot of time (6 hours for me).

Next stop Annapolis, Maryland.

Expenses: $0
Ticket cost: $0 since I had a national parks pass for the year. Otherwise it would cost $15.00.