Mike and I headed down to the Carnegie Institute – Museum of Natural History & Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Most of the exhibits were interesting and good to look at but I was generally walking around noticing different things but not really absorbing much of the historical side in.
Noticed the hall of statues which was great.

And then one very modern piece that fits into today’s culture.

We see a teaser of the dinosaur exhibit which I really really really want to see. Below is Jane a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And then the head of a Giant Paleozoic Fish

I see the work space where they recover dinosaur bones and fossils.

And then I see another exhibit in the distance that completely distracts my attention from the dinosaurs. It is the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, and it is insanely beautiful and captivating. I never thought I would be fascinated by gems, but Mike and I are just drawn to them.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

The above pictures were just one small part of the exhibit. There were more fascinating minerals and gems everywhere. There were just too many pictures to take, and my battery was already running out of juice.

Minerals and gems from India. The damn English stole them all for the crown jewels.

I call my friend David, because being here just reminds me of him. He loves minerals and gems and I have seen his private collection at home. I tell him about the exhibit and take a few pictures of his favorite mineral and send it to him.

I’m going to have to learn a little more about minerals and gems later, but now it is time for the main dinosaur exhibits.

The first dinosaur every extracted for exhibition.


A mammoth

We switch exhibits to the Hall of African wildlife and we are captivating by the following piece. It leaves the story unfinished and for the viewer to figure it out.

Who wins this battle?

We noticed the time and there is still so much to see and do, so we decide to quickly skim through the rest of the exhibits and leave. I found the Egyptian gods exhibit very interesting.
The Cargenie Institute – Museum of Natural History was awesome. It was a great recommendation by my friend Erik. Definitely worth the adult entry fee of $17 and you can spend an entire day here and absorb so much information – note it can be overwhelming. Both Mike and I felt we had information overload. Check out their website and exhibits.
Finally we left the museum around 12:30 PM and decided to stay outdoors and enjoy what the city of Pittsburgh offered. Plus the weather was warm and sunny.
Expenses: $0.00
Museum Adult Ticket cost $17.00 (Mike generously paid for it)