On the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Annapolis, Maryland, I decided to stop by Baltimore to see the National Aquarium. I have heard great things about the shark tank and wanted to get a peek.
I find a spot to park in the city near the aquarium and walk around the harbor.

I see the National Aquarium and head over.

Get my ticket and am very happy to enter.
The first thing I notice are the paintings. This one stood out to me.
Then I see the water quotes and I think of my friend from high school Shilpa whose non-profit organization Surge for Water brings life-sustaining water to those most in need, while increasing awareness of the global water crisis. 
The first reef I see has a ton of large fish: sting rays, zebra sharks, giant turtles, and black tipped sharks.

Sting rays

More sting rays and black tipped sharks

Zoey the zebra shark.

Calypso the giant turtle and is only 25 years old. Seriously the picture doesn’t do it justice. It is HUGE.

I get on the escalator to the higher floors and I see the skeleton of fin whale. It spans the entire length of the building, YES the building.

I see a lot of smaller fish around, but I am more interested in seeing the bigger fish.


Black grouper

Long horned cow fish



Monkeys in the rain forest on the top floor.

And finally I descend down and see the giant shark tank. It is amazing.


After the shark tank I walk to the dolphins and jelly fish exhibits. The dolphins are definitely a treat

I went to the jellyfish exhibit next. Since I have seen a jellyfish exhibit before I wasn’t too moved by what they had but there were some interesting creatures to see.

Time was flying by. I could easily spend a lot of time at the Aquarium but I had to drive to Pittsburgh so I found the exit and made my way to Pittsburgh to hang out with Mike.

The National Aquarium is very pricey at a whopping $34.95 for an adult ticket, but the shark tank, large fish collection and the dolphin exhibit made it worth it for me.

Expenses: $48.95
Ticket cost: $34.95
Parking: $14.00 (for 3 hours, even though I clocked 2 hours and 1 min)