Get up in the morning and head out to breakfast with Mike at a local diner he likes: Tom’s Diner just outside the city of Pittsburgh

Veggie omelette is yummy.

We head out to the city of Pittsburgh, park and walk to the Museum of Natural History enjoying the gardens and buildings along the way.

My experience of the Museum of Natural History was great. Wonderful recommendation by Erik. Especially the dinosaurs and mineral and gems exhibits. Definitely something you should check out and you can spend an entire day at.

Mike and I decided to walk out in the wonderful sunny and warm weather. Both Erik and Mike said I should definitely check out the The Duquesne Incline (Monongahela Incline) and see the entire city.

After we arrived, the view of the city from the top of hill and the overlook was amazing.

Heinz field in the background.

Going back down again.

We decided to head towards the art festival.

We crossed the bridge.

Passed through the arts festival – thank you for telling me about it Jennifer.

And walked to the water fountain.

And then walked by the river front enjoying the scenery and the view of football field (Heinz Field) and the baseball field (PNC Park).

Later we walked back near where we parked and decided to get some crabs from Joe’s Crab Shack, and we made a new friend along the way. Chelsea was sitting behind us and we asked her to join us since she was by herself.

My plate.

Mike’s plate. $1.00 difference, but he had a whole lobster. I was envious.

Notice the scribbled words on our bibs.

After a late lunch, Mike and I say goodbye to Chelsea and head on to the grocery store and then home. I get food coma and try to fight falling asleep in the car. Such good food. And Mike is so generous and a wonderful host, he paid for everything. I think the only item I paid for was a bottle of water my entire time in Pittsburgh.

Back at the house I catch up with some blog posts, and then have a wonderful beverage with my late dinner that I bought from the store that intrigued me. My beer experience from the 100 Notch Club at Jack Browns has taught me that I enjoy stouts and porters – specifically my favorite there is Organic Chocolate Stout. However I noticed this particular stout is brewed with chocolate and coffee. It was a $10.00 beer and sooooo worth it ~ says the beer snob. Doesn’t beat the best beer I’ve ever had but delicious in its own way.

Time for bed. I am so grateful to Mike for having such a wonderful Pittsburgh experience so far. And thank you Erik for the tips of things to do in Pittsburgh. I have definitely enjoyed the city today – and walked a lot.

Expenses: $13.55
Water: $1.79
Beer: $11.76
Eating out & tickets: $0.00 (Mike generously paid for everything)