Get up in the early morning, pack my stuff up and say goodbye to Mike and Kim. Mike is such a wonderful person. I’ve gotten to know him over the years through his sister and her husband Todd. I am forever indebted to his generosity and hospitality and I only hope to return it in kind in the future.

We say our goodbyes and I hit the road to Buffalo.

As I am driving I see the city across the interstate and I continue on to Niagara Falls.

At Niagara Falls I park at the touristy areas for $10 all day. And then go into the marketplace and get lunch – Indian food served by Russians. A little surprised that Russians are serving me Indian food and conversing with me in a very heavy thick Russian accent, but then again it is equal opportunity for all.

I walk past the first bridge to Green Island and then the second bridge to connect to Goat Island where you can see the waterfall made by the Niagara River. The pictures below just showcase the force of the water and the rapids before the falls.

And on Goat Island I head over first to see the American Falls the second largest of the three falls.

You can see the Rainbow Bridge that links Canada and the United States. I then moved over to the other side to experience the largest fall The Horseshoe Falls.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Finally I took my friend Chris’ suggestion and did the Cave of the Winds self-tour. Chris grew up in Buffalo and visited the Niagara Falls numerous times. He had great advice to share with me over the phone. The Cave of the Winds self-tour takes you to experience the smallest waterfall called the Bridal Veil Falls.

Bought my ticket and decked out in my flippy floppies 🙂

Headed down the elevator to the rocks below the waterfalls.

Poncho on, and ready to get wet!

Friends I made along the way.

The self tour begins.

Rocks at the bottom

 The whole picture

And finally I’m there, with my hands in the air (Hey, that rhymes) as close as I could get to the water without touching it. The force was so strong, and mist so wet, I had to turn my back to the water otherwise the contacts would have swam away from my eyes. Literally!

It was an amazing experience. Great suggestion Chris – you rock! I definitely need the poncho even though I am partially drenched.

As I walk back to the car I cannot shake the feeling of being that close to the water falls.

Next stop Buffalo. As I drive back I look across the Canadian border and want to say hi to my Canadian peeps.

I get to Buffalo and check into my hostel.

Q. Whats interesting with this map?

I walk around the city and notice the various architectures and other things that catch my eye.

I visit the brewery that Chris said was one of his favorite in the city: Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.

Cheers to you Chris, and good beer!

I remember reading a blog post about the two competing buffalo wing restaurants in Buffalo and go to the original restaurant (arguably) that made Buffalo Wings: Anchor Bar and try their stuff.

And they are actually quite good. Not the best I’ve had, but definitely delicious.

I walk around and look for the Founders Father’s Pub which is a pub where all the locals gather. The hostel receptionist recommended it to me and I am eager to try.

Interesting stuff everywhere. I sit down order a beer and talk to a few of the people around me and have a great conversation with Manny (from Miami), Stephanie and Gilbert (from Buffalo). The locals are indeed very welcoming, sincere and friendly.

Head back to the dorm, and catch some sleep. Long driving day tomorrow to Burlington, Vermont.

Expenses: $82.80
Tolls: $4.15
Parking: $10.00
Lunch: $12.95 (Indian food)
Hostel: $28.41
Beverages: $11.00
Dinner: $16.29