Got up early again and decided to search for a hostel in Burlington, Vermont and surprisingly there was one. Not many hostels in the United States unfortunately.

I hit the road, and Apple Maps leads me into another toll road again. These tolls are getting more and more expensive. So I take the first exit out of the toll road, pay $0.90, fill up for gas and take the back roads. I know it will take considerably more time, but time is what I can afford. Money is more scarce on a budget.

My friend Chris who grew up in Buffalo advises me to drive by the finger lakes. The Buffalo residents who I met yesterday (Stephanie and Gilbert) advised me to do the same. The toll road forces me to take an alternative route and drive past it. I guess I am going through the finger lakes.

The first lake I pass is Lake Canandiagua. The weather is cloudly with a chance of rain, but the view is wide and wonderful. On google maps the lake looks tiny, but it is really wide in reality.

I drive on to the next one Lake Seneca and decide not to stop but enjoy the view from the drive instead. It would take too much time to stop at each lake and I don’t want to be driving all day. I find a faster route past some of the lakes so I wish I could I say that I passed most of them but that would not be accurate.
The views and drive get better when I drive through Adirondack Park. 
I pass Hinckley Resevoir

The roads get curvy and fun and I love being surrounded by trees.

And then I hit the interstate heading up to Canada. The clouds clear, and skies open up.

I get off the interstate and am driving to my first Ferry ride.
Wow, this reminds me of the Camino in Spain.
And then I see the river I have to cross.

And to my surprise, the ferry agent informs me that the Ferry is not available until Thursday. Apparently Apple Maps didn’t get that update so I have drive further north to catch the next one. 30 minutes later I’m there.

Lane 4 please.

Is that thing getting on in the same ferry. What???

Almost there..

On it.

Parked and moving.

And getting off safe and sound.
Yes! First ferry ride completed. I finally get to the hostel and greeted by the owner Mike. 10 hours of driving with stops along the way.

The Burlington Hostel is very clean, and has a comfortable atmosphere. Mike gives me tips on places to check out and walk to in the area. Bathrooms and beds are clean and in order. The only negative is that they don’t have a stove top kitchen but everything else is present.

I get settled in quickly and head out the door and walk around the town.
I’m starving so I make a B line to the food district on Church street.

See a bench with a sign that makes me giggle.

Stop by at a restaurant, which I regretted stopping at.

Atleast the beer was good.

And I head back to the hostel to take a break and give my body a rest. I want to go to sleep but I end up watching the NBA Finals (Heat vs Spurs) on my laptop. The game ended favorably for me so I go to bed happy.