Got up in the morning and before we headed out for breakfast Mike wanted to show me some of the ridiculous homes in the Bethel Park area. The biggest one is just ridiculous and is only for one couple.

I’d love to get a private tour … puhlease. 
Right after ‘house window shopping, we went to a local restaurant that Mike likes: Eat ‘n’ Park.

Mike and I got the buffet and Kim got waffles. After breakfast we headed back home, and I churned a couple of blogs out.
Later in the afternoon, I got a message from my Jeff asking to meet up if possible. A couple of messages traded back and forth, and I’m headed out to the door to meet up with him.
I meet up with Jeff at his home near Carnegie Mellon University. He is a professor there working for them. I meet his wife and his two adorable kids and then it is time to visit this strip that I have heard so much about.

We finally get to the strip. It is a little less crowded since it is 3 PM but better late than never.

First stop on the strip is the original Primanti Bros.

I get their #2 best seller: a Pitts-burger. #1 is alcohol.

We decide to leave the strip and go elsewhere for a drink. Jeff has a the perfect place in mind. It is an old church that is now a brewery called Church Brew Works.

Yes, I am going to Church on Sunday.

Doors open and … it is beautiful.

Jeff and I get an IPA, enjoy the beer and conversation.

We then bounce to another area of Pittsburgh to get some famous D’s hot dogs.

And they have beers in the back for a customized 6 pack. Wow!

And then the power goes out due to the thunderstorms. I’m in the back with all this delicious beer. I feel very at home. Jeff and I wait for the thunderstorms to end, and the heavy rain to subside just a little bit before jetting out back to the car without and umbrella.

We head back to his place, and I say goodbye to him, his wife Jennifer and kids. His wife gives me wonderful cupcakes for my road trip. I was blessed to know Jeff.

Moments later I am back at Mike’s house. And Mike is preparing a wonderful dinner. In case you are wondering, yes I am a little filled from all the food, but I have room and will make room for more of Mike’s cooking.

Dinner is served. Chicken was tender and juicy. Veggies were unbelievable and the mushrooms were sooo savory.

And the dessert was scrumptious. I could serious eat more … if I had more room.

Time for bed. I wanted to write but I have no more energy after such a delicious home cooked meal.

Mike and Jeff were unbelievable to me this weekend. They bought all my meals and tickets to events and Mike provided me a place to stay. When you’re traveling on your own dime and a limited budget, and friends buy you a meal or two or more, it always help you enjoy the experience more, reduces any worry about managing your finances and also extend your trips and piece of mind a little further. Thank you both for your amazing hospitality and generosity. I am blessed to know you both.

Groceries: $16.20 (Protein cliff bars and Allergy meds)
Gas: $40.12