Got up early again, and after getting ready went downstairs and put money in the meter parking for my car. a whopping $4.10 for 10 hours of parking. I love pricing like that … unless it is free.

I needed a day off from driving since it was a long haul yesterday, and I needed to hack away at  few blogposts, figure out travel plans since my original plan was scrapped and I was scrambling for free places to stay. So it looks like I’ll be generally indoors for a good portion of the day with my little friend.

The hostel has a ‘free breakfast’ which is basically coffee and waffles. So I attempted to make my very waffle. Surprising YES – I don’t recall ever making one.

I hack away at my blog, my travel logs, my expenses, banking, and basically catch up with a lot of administrative priorities that I sometimes neglect on my travel. I am feeling a little guilty of not being outside and being touristy of Burlington, Vermont but it is also drizzling so I don’t feel as bad.

Since I cannot find a couchsurfing place to crash tonight, I decided to fork over the $44.10 to stay again at the hostel. It is a little pricey for a hostel but the living cost is such in Burlington.

Finally, I head out to grab some lunch & dinner takeout at City Market or as some of the local call it here City Markup. It is definitely expensive but I enjoy the food I bought – a whole lot of veggies and vegan food. Saw this on the way there… sometimes I feel like this about American democracy and politics.

I head back do some blogging/updating on the computer and when night time hits I head out for late night views of the city and the water.

When I get back I notice that my friend Katherine has chastised me about not using real maple syrup with my first waffle. I talk to the hostel owner Mike about it and he gives me the financial facts on the cost of real maple syrup and the cheap corn syrup stuff I have been having with my price of my stay.

Tomorrow morning is my last breakfast here, so I head out now IN THE RAIN to City Markup and get myself some REAL Vermont Maple Syrup after taste testing each grade.

I definitely took the opportunity to mark my container in the hostel shared fridge so that I have some for tomorrow.

Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow.

I conversed with a few of Sigma Nu friends (Duane, Bruce, and Markus) over the phone, text and instant messenger, and also realized how much more valuable the fraternal connection (of Sigma Nu for me) is. And then there is my friend Stephanie Goodell who is constantly hooking me up with places to visit and people to meet in places I stay. She is a rockstar! Cannot wait to see her and my Sigma Nu buddies soon.

Living in a hostel is fun and it is exciting to meet new people, but I’m finding that re-connecting with friendships already formed is as rewarding and exciting as the new experiences and new friendships formed. I am looking forward to the upcoming days and week to seeing some familiar faces from the near and distant past.

Time for bed.

Expenses: $69.71
Parking: $4.10
Hostel: $44.10
Dinner: $18.80
Maple Syrup: $2.41 (REAL Vermont Maple Syrup) 🙂