Got up early in the morning with the intention of working of going to Mount Washington, but the weather did not co-operate (lots of light rain and clouds). So I went to the local coffee shop (Sweet Male Cafe) in Conway, New Hampshire with the intention of working on my blog.

Laptop, Coffee, and Breakfast, check. Now to work.

But towards the middle of the morning, I was joined by my hostel mates from Manchester, England. And then we started a wonderful conversation about things to do in New Hampshire with the local family behind us.

As it was getting closer to afternoon and I really needed to get going otherwise I wouldn’t really experience New Hampshire. I drove down towards Portsmouth and decided to do tour SmuttyNose Brewery.

And then I find out they just changed locations, so on the road to the new location.

After a few minutes I sign up for a tour.

And now to get the good stuff.

Tour notes since I wasn’t really paying attention. Just thinking about beer and looking around HOPELESSLY. 🙂

I meet my fellow beer tour mates: Rich and Larry.

Rich is lives in New Hampshire and suggested some things for me to do in the area, notably visiting the old Strawberry Banke Museum. My friend Dave who lived in New Hampshire also mentioned it to me. So I decided to check it out since I had some time left to spend before I headed to Gorham and meet up with Bruce.

Purchased a ticket for $17.50. A little pricey for me but I was willing to try it out since two people suggested to me.

Oh God NO! Another video session. 7 mins long. Ugh – I guess I will pay attention,

The video session was actually good. It talked about the history of Strawberry Banke from the early European settlers and the name came from the strawberries they saw in the field. Banke was probably due to being river bank or coastline. Many immigrants came and settled there and it grew into what is today Portsmouth. The great part is that they preserved many of the historic buildings over the years to reflect on the changing history of the region and immigrant population that lived there from colonial times.

The Map:

The gardens and mansion of Goodwin House.

Since I spent so much time in one area, I walked by the other old homes.

I walked into this one… can’t remember the name. But the lady was smart, rich and extremely frugal. She lived to around 92-93 when the average life expectancy at that time was around 50.

Continued to walk by and around the old homes and their gardens.

Whoa there… what’s this?

Ah, then there is the old Pitt Tavern. Unfortunately refreshments weren’t served.

The Masons were here.

One of the museum’s staff converse in character as if it were back in the day.

The ALE stash.

I sat down and played with these.

Then I went by the good ‘ol Sto (old grocery store)

I would love to buy groceries at these prices today.

Chocolate anyone?

Look at what is in the window.

Finally, I walked by a war support shed – not sure what it is actually called.

Ah the English were here:

A few other homes and work areas.

And I’m ready to head out to see Bruce in Gorham, Maine. I wish I had more time to spend in Strawberry Banke. I spent an hour and a half there but I could probably have spent three to four hours to fully appreciate each home and converse with the staff who dressed the part and stayed in character.
Expenses: $29.00
Breakfast: $10.03
Tour: $17.50
Tolls: 41.50