It is a little late in the evening when I begin to head to Gorham, Maine. I am going to meet up with my friend Bruce.

I used to work for Sigma Nu Headquarters: which is the HQ of the men’s fraternity I joined when I was in college. Bruce is a very passionate, important and active volunteer for Sigma Nu – and I am very excited to see him and spend time with him catching up.
He suggested to drive by the coastline so I did. The view was great – minus the rain. But I had to get out and take a quick panorama regardless of weather. One hand held the umbrella and the other the camera.

I stopped at a light and noticed this. Now this is a-typical of Maine drivers. My experience with them has been very friendly and courteous, but this was funny. What’s wrong with this picture? We are both at a red light.
I meet up with Bruce at his historic, beautiful and big home. It is gorgeous. He gives me the quick tour and we head out for dinner.

Bruce asked me earlier if I liked lobsters. That’s a definite YES so he takes me to the best Maine lobster place he knows and co-incidentally it is in the same town he lives in: Ocean Garden Restaurant.
And there they are. 

We quickly grab a seat

Order and begin our meal. I have never had three lobsters in one setting with clarified butter. They are not only delicious but filling, and Bruce shows me how to eat the ‘Mainer’ way.

Later for ‘dessert’ he took me to the local brewery for some local Maine beer. He gets one beer and I get the sampler. Whoa, that is a lot of beer. And I definitely enjoy it.

We catch up a lot, talk about our lives, my travels, his new position as an elected official for the town of Gorham, Maine and of course our common connection Sigma Nu. It was a wonderful evening. Bruce was so generous to pay for dinner and drinks and even host me in his home for the evening. I am truly grateful for his hospitality, generosity and dedication to the Fraternity we both are passionate about. GREAT MAN, he is!!
Expenses: $0.00