Got up in the AM, excited that I was finally going to have REAL Maple Syrup. I prepared my waffle and then took out the maple syrup and poured it on my waffle.

What ensued next was PURE ECSTASY. Don’t believe me … look at my face … and tell me otherwise.

I got some blogging down, and then at around 10 AM I hit the road, and went to my first stop The Magic Hat Brewery.

I was told it was half very ‘artistic’ and the other half was straight up brewery. Absolutely true!

First the art:

Then a brief movie

And then the brewery.

And then the beer samples.

Great start to the morning.

I then drove to Waterbury, VT to tour Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory.

Purchased a ticket for $4.00

The waiting area.

Look at all those flavors

I can get behind this policy.

Our tour guide

Unfortunately the guide informed us that we could not take any pictures of the actual factory production line to protect Ben and Jerry from any possible ice cream ‘stealers’. The only picture of the factory I could take is of this.

Up the stairs to more cows.

And more cows and stairs.

To the video room to get some Ben and Jerry history.

Then the factory which I cannot share with you. TOP SECRET STUFF. And then the fun part.

Everyone is anxious – especially the adults.

Such a tease. Dear tour guide stop talking already. Let us have it right MEOW.

The flavor lab where they make new flavors and give it to tour participants to taste test. I asked about their quality control team and what they do. They test the ice cream everyday, so much that they take routine cholesterol tests and have a fully paid gym membership.

Finally we get to taste a possible new flavor and it was delicious!! Great recommendation Robyn.

The lady from Magic Hat Brewery told me about an amazing cheese place just down the road from Ben and Jerry’s. A few minutes later… I arrive at Cabot Cheese Annex.

I see heaven…

And like Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, it comes in a variety of flavors.

These are the ones I try. All good and some better than others.

Private Stock

Vermont Sharp

Pepper Jack

Hot Habanero … this was my favorite.


Hot Buffalo Wing … really? wow!

Tomato Basil … and tasted it too … with a cheesy flavor

OMG… every man’s dream: smoky bacon.

Everything bagel.

Garlic & Herb

and finally Vintage Choice

Next stop was a visit to any Maple Farm I could find in my direction. When I looked it up the best choice for me was Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier, Vermont.

Video tour… I usually skip those – unless I can’t. They usually put me to sleep in 2 mins.

and without the people.


I wonder if it still works?

I love this wood display


And donkeys. And if you zoom in and read the text it gets has a little POLITICAL humor.

Yogi bear, maybe? Hey Boo Boo,

Finally, the taste testing room.

FREE is good.

Best display ever, right Katherine?

YES!!! Wish I had made bite sized waffles to go with this taste test.

I loved the Maple Farm. Great recommendatoin Katherine.

Next stop, was The Path of Life Garden in Windsor, Vermont. It was so awesome and full of greatness it deserved its own special post.

Right by The Path of Life Garden was Harpoon Brewery. It was a small installation but I decided since I was here I might as well check it out.

The inside was a restaurant and brewery. First up the restaurant where I got 4 free samples:

Since it wasn’t a weekend there were no tours. There was a limited self-tour that I could take around an enclosed area.

That tour lasted a whopping 60 seconds. And then I was off to drive through New Hampshire and the windy roads to a small town called Conway. It was getting late too.

I finally get to my hostel, but the person isn’t present for me to check in and the doors are locked.

So I head out to a local bar in the area to get some food.

The bar is very small and country. I walk in and feel immediate out of my element. But the locals are friendly and soon I feel at home. Get some fish and chips, and then head back to the hostel and check in.

After check in, I settle in an get ready for the big basketball game between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. I hope it turns out to be a good night for me.

Expenses: $84.02
Gas: $23.00
Ben & Jerry’s Tour Ticket: $4.00
Parks of Life Tour Ticket: $6.00
Hostel: $29.43
Dinner: $21.59