Get up in the morning and enjoy a cup of Joe at home with Bruce and then we head on out for breakfast at a local spot across the street: The Blue Pig Diner.

Bruce is the local celebrity in the town and knows everyone.

He introduces me to Paul the owner and I learn about his restaurant and how he picked the name.

Apparently he was filing paperwork for the restaurant and hadn’t decided on the name yet. His son was playing with his blue pig while he was in contemplation so… hence the name.

Bruce and I order breakfast and enjoy the ambiance, and conversations with the local citizens and the food.

If you are in Gorham, Maine eat here for breakfast.

We walk by the Sigma Nu center that Bruce and Duane setup for many Sigma Nu events. Notice the Love, Honor and Truth.

Bruce has errands to run. And I have to go to Acadia National Park. So I head on out and take Bruce’s suggestion to drive through the Coastal route and enjoy the small towns along the way.

I stop by at Rockcity Cafe in Rockport, ME and get some delicious food.

And I continue on. The Coastal Highway not only runs through some towns but some pretty neat bridges too

And some big ones too

Finally after a long drive I get to Acadia National Park and drive up Cadillac Mountain

And when I get to the top, the views at different overlooks – even though it is cloudly are great.

Since it is slowly getting dark, I head over to another overlook to catch the sunset.

After the sunset, I head over to a local bar, watch a futball (soccer) game, walk around the town in the late night and sleep in my car. Yes sleep in my car. I want to watch the sunrise – the main reason why I am there is – at 4:45 AM and I didn’t want to get a hotel room when I’m only there for a few hours. So sleeping in my car it is.

Expenses: $66.50
Breakfast: $21.96
Gasoline: $27.00
Lunch: $7.56
Groceries: $4.98
Beverages: $5.00