I tossed and turned all night in my car backseat. Finally got up at 4 AM and drove up the mountain.

It was very difficult to see at the top. So I parked there, and walked down the mountain to the nearest sight of visibility, and unfortunately there were so many cars around it was ridiculous. Wish I driven my car there instead of walking. I was worried about illegal parking, but everyone was doing it.

The views of the landscape were great, but the cloud covered the ocean and you weren’t able to see the sun until it got high enough.

Still beautiful but I was disappointed at the circumstances.

I began walking back to the top of the mountain and then I stuck out my finger and hitched a ride up to the top. Below is a picture of the sun at the top. Glad I walked down towards the overlook with limited visibility.

The drive to base of the mountain was pretty even with the clouds

Since it was early I decided to drive to Bangor, Maine, get some coffee and blogging done. Got to Bangor around 7 AM and there were no mom and pop coffee shops open.

I asked a few locals and they suggested Starbucks since that was the only available option. Starbucks it is.

At Starbucks I hacked away at my blog and made a new friend, Lauren from San Diego, California who is doing an adventure of her own. She has studied in Orono, Maine and is finished with her graduate degree and driving back west to San Deigo, California. We traded notes on travel plans and places to visit.

After completing some blogs, I chatted with Bruce and he suggested that I drive to Portland, Maine and see the light houses before heading back to Gorham, Maine. So I decided to just that. The drive to Cape Elizabeth was pretty.

And the weather was near perfect. Finally I get there and see the lighthouse, the beach and the rocks.

And now a little shadow fun.

I head on back to Bruce’s house. He is planning to grill outdoors and we are just hanging out.

Duane who just got back from Montreal, Canada pops by and we are all having a good old time.

The kebabs are fantastic.

After a lot of catching up, Duane heads back home. Bruce and I get back into the house and watch Game 5 of the NBA finals: San Antonio Spurs versus Miami Heat. And I’m glad the result was favorable.

Bruce and I talked during the game about the possibility of me heading over to Acadia National Park right after the game or in a few hours, because I really really wanted to watch the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain and this was my only shot. The weather the next day was going to be clear with 10 miles of visibility.

And so after the game ended, I left. It was around 11:45 PM. Driving 3 hrs and 30 mins to Acadia. Crazy, maybe. I know what I want and I chase after it.

Expenses: $2.11
Coffee: $2.11