So on the drive from Acadia National Park to Northhampton, Massachusetts in the early morning, I begin to get sleepy and tired. I pull over at a rest stop and take a nap.

Next moment I wake up and my car is dead. Won’t start. I call AAA and when the serviceman gets here it takes 1 mins to jump start it and I am off on my merry way.

After numerous and frustrating tolls, I being to question why I took the toll roads again when I shouldn’t have. So I reconfigure my Google Map App to avoid tolls. It will take much longer, but I will be at peace.
I finally get into Northhampton and meet up with Markus. Markus is a current employee of Sigma Nu Headquarters (my previous employer). I don’t know him very well but the comradeship of being on staff and sheer brotherhood makes it feel likes we old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. Such is the unity of the past and current Sigma Nu staff. It is a chapter within itself.
I get settled in and we walk around the streets of Northhampton. I like it here and we head over to a coffee shop The Roost that Markus swears has amazing coffee.

Sure enough the coffee takes great, and although tastes like dirt. Weird combo but it is good. Thank you for buying the coffee Markus; it was delicious.
We continue to walk around town and see the bike paths, free gardens, and streets.

We head back to the house for a light lunch. I need to catch up on my zzz’s that I lost with the sunrise. Later in the early afternoon, Markus and I wear our favorite team jerseys at watch the World Cup (US vs Ghana) and are both rooting for the US of course.

Later in the evening I meet Markus wife Jessica. She is a wonderful person and quite well traveled. Interesting, that she was born in India, and studied in Abu Dhabi and now is also well traveled across the world.

Dinner time approaches and Markus fires up some stakes on the grill.

Jessica handles the veggies.

And I just stare blindly at the sweet potatoes that I am about to consume.

Get in my belly!!!

Oh and you too.

After dinner we lounge about the house and watch the movie The Way. They have never seen it and are curious about the Camino. I never get tired of watching it or sharing the story. Markus like hiking and Jessica loves traveling. I see them doing the Camino one day in the future.
And then it is time for bed. It is good to not sleep in your car for a change. 
Expenses: $42.93
Tolls: $10.00
Coffee: $2.92
Gas: $30.01