The drive to Newport, Rhode Island is a little long, especially when the one of the two bridges that you need to cross over is backed up with traffic and the other lane is virtually empty. Doh!

Slowly but surely I make it there and park at the street parking near the Visitor’s Center.

The Visitor’s Center is a good spot to get great information about what to do, distance and most importantly timing for your trip. I only planned to spend a few hours in Newport since I have to drive back to Massachusetts anyway.

I came across this article when planning my trip: This Is The ONE Thing You Must Do In Each U.S. State. And it suggested that I do the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island so after asking the visitor center about the details I discovered that part of the cliff walk was closed due to Hurricane Sandy but I could walk the half that was open, and then I should have enough time to grab lunch and head on out.
Off to the Cliff Walk then, but on the way there I got to see the various wharfs and piers, shops, and flowers.

Finally, after a good 30 minute walk I see the bridge and the beach. The Cliff Walk is definitely nearby.

Oh there it is.

I am not sure what the red stuff in the water is, but it definitely creeps me out.

I begin to enjoy the various types of paths, cliffs, and greenery that you walk by.

And then I come across to 40 steps access point, where you can walk down and actually access the cliffs and water … if you are brave enough.

The view



And then I walk 40 steps back up. Don’t try to count them, because I skipped a few.

I continue to walk and pass by the arches and then I come across the big mansions.

I come to the end of the North side and am stopped by the construction to fix the damage caused to the South side by Hurricane Sandy so I enjoy the last view of the Cliff Walk.

I walk back into town.

And I pass by a dive cafe/bar called Cappy’s. I actually walk a few more feet and then stop, turn around, look at my watch and decide to walk in.

There aren’t many people in there. I sit down at the bar an ask for a menu, and then mention they don’t serve food. Just drinks. So I get a coke. And then they tell me “But, there is some meatballs and sausage in the crock pot for free.” Did you say FREE?

I’m starving, so I load up on three helpings.

I run into a reporter who is writing for the local paper. Apparently Cappy’s is voted as the best dive bar in Newport. I definitely support that with the free food and my $1 Coca Cola. I talk to the reporter Jacqueline, we share our stories and learns that she writes a blog too:  Check it out. Pretty pictures.

I am stuffed and ready to drive to Framingham, Massachusetts to meet up with Stephanie. Time to head out.

Expenses: $5.75
Parking: $3.75
Lunch: $2.00