The next morning after we are up and about, Markus and Jessica treat me out to breakfast at Jakes. Apparently they are known for their delicious breakfast.

I love this pano.

I get The Coolidge – three eggs scrambled softly with roasted tomatoes, kale, roasted garlic, and goat cheese. Served with herb-roasted home fries and your choice of toast – and it is amazing.

We dropped Jessica at her office and got a tour. On the way there I spoke to them about how lovely their shower is. They have so many shower heads in the bathroom massaging you at different adjustable angles; from the top, from the sides and a shower head that you can . A total shower immersion experience. I could stand there for hours.

The other funny moment was a picture of Jennifer and David in their bathroom.

My first though upon seeing the picture was why do they have pictures of other people in their bathroom, but then I realized the guy looks like Markus and then noticed the girl looked like Jessica, but the names on the picture are Jennifer and David. I wonder if they have twins or their first names were different from what I knew them as. Come to find out, that was them at Jennifer and David’s wedding. Doh! I’m an idiot. Obviously the wheels in my brain weren’t turning that morning. Made for a funny moment during the walk.

Markus and I head over to another local coffee shop he occasionally visits.

We appear to be working quite hard or are we hardly working?

I catch up on a lot of logistics for traveling and managing some finances and we head back to the house for lunch, and I need to watch the Brazil game on TV.

Apparently, Kudzo the Cat (she has a instagram handle kudzothecat) takes a liking to me and my belly and decides to watch the game with me on my belly.

For dinner, Markus and I head over to a local brewery: Northhampton Brewery and meet up with Jessica.

We order a sampler round of eight to share.

And I get a veggie burger.

Jessica runs into her friends Kayla and Christian at a nearby table and we decide to all have dinner together. It is great running into friends of friends and making some new ones.

We head out back home and Markus is insistent that we stop at the local icecream store Herrell’s, well since they are awesome.

I notice that there is lactose and cholesterol free cookies ‘n chocolate option. I’m SOLD!

One Happy Man!

Three Happy People.

Fantastic time in Northhampton. We head on home and go right to bed. Tomorrow I get up and leave for a short trip to Rhode Island and then back to the other part of Massachusetts (Framingham) to see my friend Stephanie.

Expenses: $50.05
Coffee: $5.75
Beverages: $11.00
Dinner: $23.00
Candy: $10.30