I wake up in the morning to see a wonderful note on the kitchen table. Stephanie is so sweet. I have protein bars and brownies for my trip to Boston. 

I head out the door, drive to Boston and park in one of the over-priced $36 parking spots in the city. First thing on the agenda is walking the Freedom Trail. Markus gave me a guide book to the Freedom Trail so I didn’t have to buy one or look around for the free ones.

I walk to one of the first spots, the Boston Common garden.

Then the Massachusetts State House

And the marker on the floor

 Next up in the Park Street Church

And the Granary Burial Ground

where Paul Revere is buried.

I go into the Kings Chapel and it is definitely old and unique.

And pass by the Old State House. I don’t go inside because it is a $6.00 fee and I’m on a budget.

I notice some tour guides dressing the part.

near Boston City Hall and the statue of Sam Adams.

I take an impromptu detour since Stephanie recommended that I go the Observation Deck at Rowe’s Wharf to see a good view of the city. A few moments later … I’m there.

And back on track. I go to where I left off and continue walking the trail and visit Faneuil Hall

and the Quincy Market area.

And then walk into the little Italian neighborhood where everyone knows everyone – and everything has an Italian flavor to it. Mamma Maria!

Finally get to Paul Revere’s statue and home.

I crossed the Charlestown Bridge over to Charlestown and went over to see the U.S.S. Constitution.

Don’t trust this guy with the ship. Too late.

The U.S.S. Constitution was an amazing experience.

I continued the walk to the Bunker Hill Monument

Where I got a ticket and decided to walk up the steps.

 All 290 of them.

And go to see various parts of the city from the windows at the top.

Finally, the Freedom trail was done. I walked back towards the Bridge and decided to stop at a local bar Ironside Grill and get a beer and rest a bit and watch a soccer (futbol) game.

I then went to the Boston Public Library. One of my friends Kseniya recommended that I check out the courtyard within the library.

And it was wonderful and peaceful

I got some coffee from the libary cafe and just read the Freedom Trail book until about 6 PM when I was supposed to meet up with Andy.

Andy is a Sigma Nu alumnus who lives in Boston. He is a volunteer for the fraternity and I last hung out with him during the Boston Grand Chapter in 2010. We’ve known each other for a while, but lost touch with each other except the occasional contact via facebook. However, now that I was in Boston it was time for a re-union.

We walked around the block near the Boston Public Library and saw the actual finish line for the Boston Marathon.

We walked across the street to a restaurant and got a small bite to eat and drink. It was definitely nice to see him and catch up.

Fish tacos … yum!

And then the munchies were kicking in, so Andy treated me to dinner at a very fancy-schmancy restaurant. A couple of things to point out. The Italian restaurant we went to Ebaluce is frequently visited by the Italian Embassy for their guests. If the Italians are going here … it has got to be worth it. They don’t cook with butter.

We are both very very happy with our food.

And desserts

The Chef’s treats were probably the most delicious thing I tasted all night. Even though all the appetizers and main courses and wine were also AMAZING.

Thank you Andy for a generous and amazing dinner experience with authentic Italian food. 
I drove back to Framingham, Massachusetts and was still savoring the taste of the food. I couldn’t help it. IT WAS THAT GOOD.
Expenses: $132.86 (went over my self-restricted $100 per day budget)
Gas: $39.02
Gum: $1.39
Beverages: $8.75
Train: $11.00
Parking: $38.00
Coffee: $2.68
Beverages: $32.02