I wake up in the morning and say goodbye to Jessica since she has to leave to work. I have some coffee with Markus and head out. Jessica and Markus were excellent hosts and very generous to cook for me and buy me a meal here and there. I felt really at home staying with them and enjoyed my visit to Northhampton.

I got on the road and headed to Newport, RI for a short visit in the AM, and then I planned to meet up with my friend Stephanie who lives in Framingham, Massachusetts which is just outside Boston.

On the drive there I get a welcome gift from the road. A beautiful stone hits my car’s windshield. Yaay a lovely road blessing.

I finally get there and meet up with Stephanie. I know Stephanie through Sigma Nu and my friend Jason. She volunteered at some our leadership events and also hung out with me and Jason in Charlottesville, Virginia when she lived there. We’ve kept in loose touch over the years via facebook until my Spain trip – where she got me connected to one her friends in Cordoba and her brother who lives in Spain gave me other suggestions as well. And now she is hosting me for three days. She is so generous and giving.

I really like her home. Beautiful and serene.

I just want to stay and meditate in the backyard.

She invites some of her friends for dinner. We start with wine and cheese.

I find out this young girl, Mia went to Spain with her mom and wrote a blog. I am very impressed.

And then it is time for a shrimp kabob dinner with Mia, her mother Susan, Liz and Stephanie. 
And this wonderful New England delicacy that none of us at the dinner table have ever had: Fiddleheads.

 And it was good.

Expenses: $0.00