Got up really early, packed up my stuff, said goodbye to Stephanie, and headed to Philly. My plan to was to make it there before 1 PM. Was staying with my childhood friend Terrance from Dubai. He and I grew up in Alshaab Colony, and my mother used to drive him to and from school along with us.
I met up with Terrance at the old convent building right beside the church. Yes it apparently was an old convent which was converted into a sort of shared living quarters for people now.
He shows me around the place and to my room. It is a small room just like those in college (Long Hall dormitory) – actually it is smaller. But it is a bed and a free place to stay. No complaints here! Just gratitude.
We head out to the city. He gives me a quick nickel and dime tour as we head to the soccer field for his game.

We arrive at his scheduled soccer (futbol) game at 1 PM on the field. It is beautiful weather and a great day to play. However, I rather spectate. I don’t feel like running or sweating. So I watch.

After the soccer (futbol) game we head over to Dalessandro’s for some authentic Philly cheesesteaks. I asked the people around at the soccer field and everyone said go to Dalessandro’s. It is the best.

Sure enough when I walked in there was a line at the counter.

Somehow we managed to get two spots to sit down and order. And the line grew to outside the door and on the street. Most of the people here are born and raised Philly so you know I’m eating at a good cheese steak place.

And it sure was delicious. Thank you Terrance for buying me my first authentic Philly Cheesesteak

We catch up over a few beers, talk about growing up in Dubai, living in Philly, college, and work, and my travels. Then we head back home. I need a nap since I got up really early and well the cheese steak is kicking in.

And Terrance has some errands to run and places to be, so I take my power nap. I then wake up and am feeling absolutely lazy. Decide to walk some Hulu. This is the first time I have watched a TV since leaving for Spain.

Later in the evening, just to get out of the house Terrance I go to a local bar in the area: Memphis Taproom.

We sit at the bar and grab some dinner and drinks.

I start talking to my bar neighbors, and make some new friends in the process. James and Kate even buy us a shot. They are good people.

James recommended that I try Pliny the Elder since it is a very very rare beer that sells out quickly when people hear that it is on tap. In fact, people come from all over just to try it out. So obviously I get it.

It is definitely good – not the best beer I have tasted but I would definitely drink it again.

James, and I both enjoy watching the World Cup so we make a tentative plan to walk the U.S.A. v/s Portugal futbol game tomorrow. It is getting late, so Terrance and I head on home. Tomorrow I plan to go to old town Philly and do the touristy thing.

Expenses: $77.90
Gasoline: $38.01
Coffee: $1.69
Beverages: $38.20