Originally I was planning to drive to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today but at the last minute I really really really wanted to go to Cape Cod. So Stephanie and I got in the car and drove there. And the weather was near perfect if not perfect.

My friend Andy from Boston, Massachusetts recommended that we get on the road before noon otherwise there would be traffic since it was Friday. Great suggestion Andy!

I set the GPS for Wellfleet, Massachusetts and well we got to Wellfleet but not to the correct side. We ended up at the Wellfleet Harbor and the water level was quite low.

According to the article This Is The ONE Thing You Must Do In Each U.S. State the Beachcomber was the thing to try out for Massachusetts but at night. Obviously I wasn’t going to be there at night so the next best thing was to experience it during the day.

I plugged it in my GPS and it wasn’t too far away. In 5 minutes we were there!

It was busy but not overly packed. Both outside

And inside.

Within a short wait we got a table, and we started with some ‘refreshments’.

And then my first ‘Lobstah Roll’ and of course Cape Cod Chips.

After a while we decided to get some real food and we got the Oysters, Clams and Shrimp. The Oysters and Clams were opened in plain view by the staff

Clams …

Oysters …

And jumbo shrimp

And very quickly it was over.

Time to hit the beach and get some sun and dip in the ocean.

Caution!! Watch out for the great white sharks … and the rip tides that take you to them.

The view is wonderful. And the weather is very co-operating

The steep walk down. Feels like I am on the Camino … just with sand everywhere.

Remember I did say STEEP.

Sandcastles present

A beautiful and not crowded beach.


After some sun, I go for a couple of dips in the water and then walk about the beach front for a good walk. I then walk back and since we are slightly hungry we go for a second round of munchies.

Buffalo Shrimp and Fries: a small snack for the road.

We head back to Framingham, Massachusetts and at a stop at the gas station Stephanie gets out and introduces me to Necco – another New England treat. A little too sugary for my taste but worth the try.

We get back home, get some groceries and hang out at the house with one of her friend from Germany and then I call it a night. Tomorrow I get up really early (6 AM ish) for a drive to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thank you Stephanie, for being such a wonderful hostess to me. I cannot thank you enough for your great hospitality, generosity, kindness, spirituality, and recommendations for places to visit in Boston and also your connections in Spain. One day I only hope to return the favor and/or pay it forward.

Expenses: $63.37
Lunch: $54.00
Dinner: $4.38
Groceries: $4.99