Got up in the morning and saw this in the park opposite the place I was staying. I felt like I wanted to join in.

Walking around the streets of Philadelphia I noticed this random garden on the street.

The streets of Philadelphia.

Terrance took me out to breakfast at Mercer Cafe.

He suggested that I get one of the ‘neighborhood favorites’ off the menu. So I indulged with the breakfast option that included scrapple.

After breakfast, Terrance dropped me off at the Visitor’s Center.

I made a mental note to check out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and also see Rocky and run up the steps of the Museum of Art – ‘just like Rocky!’ And I also bought tickets to the Constitution Museum.

I get out of the Visitor’s Center and stand in the long time for the Liberty Bell Museum. Fortunately the line is moving very quickly.

The front of the bell – cracked side

The back end of bell – intact.

The display of the bell from the outside.

Next up was the Constitution Museum.

This museum was awesome. The theatrical production they put up was amazing. The pieces they had about the history of the Constituent were good as well as current history and current law and politics. Highly recommend seeing this one.

However they didn’t allow pictures to be taken so I cannot share any of the good stuff with you. 😦

I had an appointment to tour Independence Hall at 2:30 PM so I had some time to kill. Decided to wander around Philly and ran into the First Bank of the United States.

Finally, I walk by to Independence Hall since it is getting closer to 2:30 PM.

Noticed these beautiful flowers in the courtyard.

At going through the security checkpoint we are led into a room and given a primer history lesson to Independence Hall.

Walking to the Hall inself.

First room: the court room.

The second room: where it was written.

The only authentic part in this room is the chair where Washington actually sat on. Everything else is antique.

After the visit to Independence Hall, I walk around and go visit Penn’s Landing. My childhood friend Dinesh recommended it and enjoy the river and the wharf.

Later, I met up with Terrance and we headed to the Museum of Art to get a picture with Rocky Balboa. But first we had to see Joan of Arc.

Neat garden on the way to the museum.

The Museum and the flight of stairs.

The American Flag and the not so friendly clouds. Looks like it is going to rain … but fortunately it didn’t.

Rocky … was here.

So am I.


We walk down towards the icon statue near the garden we passed earlier.

Had to raise my hands and pretend.

It is almost 5 PM. Terrance drops me off at a local bar called Franklin’s to watch the U.S.A. Portugal game with James and his friends. It was a good game. The bar was electric and everyone was having a good time. It was really difficult to see the U.S.A. let a goal slip in the last 30 seconds of overtime.

Later Terrance picks me up and we travel out to another local restaurant in Fishtown for a late dinner/drink and head back home. My plan is to get up early in the morning and head over to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Terrance was a wonderful host. I am grateful to reconnect with him, have a place to stay, and for him to take me around Philly and show me around. Good to also re-connect with my peeps from Dubai.

Expenses: $43.80
Tour: $14.50
Dinner: $22.30
Beverages: $7.00