Got up early, said goodbye to Terrance and hit the road. 
Drove through Wilmington, Delaware and onwards to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 
Ah the beach… I love the sight of sand and the ocean.

The article This Is The ONE Thing You Must Do In Each U.S. State mentions that I should check out the Board walk in Rehoboth Beach, so I go.

The board walk is about 1 mile long, so I park my car and walk the board walk it from one end to the other and back. Funny story about the meter parking is that it only accepts 25 cents and I’m almost out. But fortunately there is a change machine the next street over.

After the 2 mile bake in the sun, I get a little darker and a little hungrier. I found out yesterday that Dogfish Head Brewery was founded in Rehoboth. They are one of my favorite beer companies so I google map it and walk over.

The open at 12 pm, so after lounging around for about 30 minutes and talking to some of the staff near by I’m ready for a treat.

The doors open and I walk in and take a seat at the bar. The line is not long but definitely lots of hungry and thirsty customers.

The venue is nice. Love the atmosphere.

I bought a sampler of Dogfish Head that I haven’t tried. Some I like and some not.

I also bought some fish and chips that is doused in 60 min IPA and it was delicious.

I walk upstairs to the Distiller and Processing area and notice the barrels with the beer. Love it!

And the steps labeled with the many hop varieties.

I walk out the door definitely satisfied and happy. Time to drive to Union, New Jersey and hang out with my friend Tito (Roberto).

Expenses: $69.74

Donuts: $1.00
Parking: $3.50
Lunch: $26.50
Gas: $33.00
Coffee: $5.74