I left in the morning around 8:30-9 AM to drive to Connecticut. Using Google Maps I tried to avoid tolls but unfortunately there was no escaping the toll crossing over from New Jersey into New York to get to Connecticut. What is unfortunate though is that I didn’t have enough cash and they only take cash. So now I have to wait for a ticket in the mail and pay it off on time. The lady servicing me at the toll both was very unhelpful, dismissive and rude. It is easy to lose faith in society when you encounter people like her.

I finally get into Connecticut after dealing with New York traffic and enjoy the drive through. I like the structure of the overpasses. One of my favorite things about the state.

The article This Is The ONE Thing You Must Do In Each U.S. State mentions that I should try out Frank Pepe’s pizza in New Haven, Connecticut. And my friend Katherine re-affirmed that I should visit the pizza places in little Italy, so I drive to New Haven … just for the Pizza.

Apparently the White Clam Pizza is America’s Best Pizza ~ according to The Daily Meal.

This is only hungry Indian dude.

And that is one seriously good pizza. Unfortunately it is NOT the best I’ve had, but pretty good.

And the local caffeine free soda.

So I leave Frank Pepe’s Pizza and little Italy and head over across the bridge to walk around Yale University.

Public concert in a public park.

The Yale Campus

Some of the buildings I like.

I love the architecture.

View of the streets.


After walking off the deliciousness of Pepe’s pizza across the Yale campus, I continue to drive on to Mystic. My friend Chris Parry mentioned I should check it out and so did a few other people.

The first thing that stands out about Mystic to me was the bridge.

I find a parking spot and walk downtown. It is a small cute downtown area, but very very SMALL. Apparently, they also filmed a movie here Mystic Pizza.

Wander over to a local coffee shop, get some coffee and do some blogging.

I walk around the river and enjoy the different scenic views.

Oh oh, there is a boat coming.

Raise the bridge.

Let the ducks pass too and through.

At the fall raised level.

And almost back down again.

After that my adventure in Mystic was over and I decided to head over to Hartford for some grub. My friend Mike went to school in Hartford and he recommended a restaurant that I must absolutely eat at: Wood & Tap.

Mike recommends that I should get the sweet potato fries with sweet grey sauce. After chatting with the bartender I get the Amazing Bison sliders with avocado aioli, onion strings, sweet potato fries and maple icing sauce.

The burgers were some of the best I have EVER had. The sweet potato fries were average but that maple icing sauce was delicious. Very very sweet but good. I definitely couldn’t eat all the fries with it, but more power to those who can. Great suggestion Mike.

After the quick dinner I head on back to New Jersey. A few minutes away from Joga’s home I get stopped and have to let a train pass by. Thought it was quite interesting.

Once home, I chat with Joga, Alice and their roommate for a bit and then go to bed. Tomorrow I drive back to Union, New Jersey, and catch the train into New York City. I’m stoked! I love NYC!

Expenses: $65.59
Tolls: $16.00
Lunch: $17.93
Coffee: $2.17
Dinner: $22.48
Gas: $7.01