After leaving Tito’s home, I head over to Joga’s and Alice’s home.
I met Joga and Alice randomly in Lexington Coffee Shop, in Lexington, Virginia. We all hit it off in a few minutes of talking with each other. Amazing to meet people and form a strong connection in a few hours. Before they left they invited me to visit them on my travels in New Jersey. 

I definitely wanted to work on my blog. Joga was watching the Italy – Uruguay game … so I decided to multi-task.

I love this saying which is hanging on his wall. The message rings loud and clear to the people who understand and practice the depth of its meaning.

After the game we decide to walk around town. They really live on the edge of Verona which is right beside the beautiful city of Montclair, so we spend a lot of time walking towards downtown Montclair.

We hit up the Van Vleck Gardens. It is spacious and beautiful. Very quiet and peaceful.

We get to downtown and are feeling a little hungry. Joga’s neighbors have a small business: So Tasty Vegan and cook and sell vegan food. After seeing their outdoor table setup, I am convinced I need some veggies in my belly, and Joga takes me out to a wonderfully delicious vegan meal.

We sit at a bench in downtown Montclair and enjoy the wonderful vegan delicacy.

Later we head over to a local French Pastry shop: Petit Parisien.

Apparently, they know Joga very well here. I’m rolling with a local celebrity.

Definitely got a Parisian feel around here. And it is very pretty inside. I work on my blog for a couple of hours while Joga heads out for a walk around town.

I get a little hungry and decide to treat myself to a little piece of heaven.

After talking to the owner I realize she has a very interesting story. Limi is half Japanese and born in France. She and her husband came to the US and created this Parisian business in the US under an investor visa. We relate on my journey and theirs into the US and about European and US similarities and differences. It is fun meeting people like her.

It is about 7:30 PM and Alice has planned a dinner with some of her friends. One of the them even walked the Camino.

We gathered at Raymond’s and dined outside. One of the most interesting things about the dining experience in Montclair, New Jersey is that you can get a bottle of wine or beer(s) from anywhere else (your home or nearby store) and enjoy it at a restaurant that you are dining at. No corking or other fees.

Alice (on the front left) organized a fantastic dinner. Everyone was wonderful had stories and experiences to share.

I decided to get the Shrimp and Grits or as I call it Yankee Shrimp and Grits. It was delicious, but not the same as a Southern Shrimp and Grits.

We head on home after it gets dark. And I quickly fall asleep. The next day is going to be a long day of driving. Heading all over Connecticut before returning back to New Jersey.

I had a fantastic day with Joga, Alice and company. Great people, friendships and experiences… and wonderful vegan food.

Expenses: $30.42
Candy: $6.42
Dinner: $24.00