I head over from Richmond to Charlottesville to attend my friend Dave’s wedding: David is getting married to Stephanie. I met Dave when he was a student in W&L Law School. Since then we have kept in touch over the years and developed a closer friendship. 
I actually re-routed part of my travel schedule so that I would not miss his wedding day. I took a few pictures during the wedding ceremony.
David and Stephanie at the University of Virginia Chapel saying their vows.

It’s official Mr. and Mrs Klass.

David and I get a brief moment together at the reception.

Speech … Speech … Speech!!!

First Dance.

Wedding party watches on.

Cannot keep their hands off each other even at the local bars. Newly weds (sigh). 🙂

It was a fun wedding. Drove back to Lexington, Virginia and got in around 2-3 AM. Definitely exhausted from the travel, but happy with all the adventures and reconnecting with friends. Time for bed.