Got in the morning in Lexington and met the Sextons and Porters for breakfast at Lee Hi’s Travel Plaza (aka Truck Stop). The Sextons are my adopted family and I am their adopted son. The Porters are Sharyn Sexton’s parents who also live in Lexington. Over the years I have spent more time with them than almost anyone else except roommates and co-workers. So thankful to have them in my life.

I haven’t seen them since getting back from Spain so we catch up about what has gone in each other lives. I am staying with them for the next two nights in Lexington, before I hit the road to travel through the mid-west.

After a wonderful breakfast treat from the Sextons, I head out to the local Lexington Coffee shop for some coffee, blogging and conversation.

The plan was to meet up with Cathy who has also walked the Camino Frances last year and did the Camino Portugues this year (a different route via Portugal). We catch up and talk about the Camino experience. I also run into my good friend John who is holding down the fort in Lexington, Virginia for us transplants.

And then I run into Brister. I love Lex Coffee because you are bound to run into many of the locals in the area. Brister and I discover that we are going to be in Columbus, Ohio together and hopefully can meet up before the 4th of July celebrations.

Love this art piece in the Lexington front window display.

I head on out and go by the Carriage House and talk to a few friends/past co-workers. And then head over to my old apartment to hang out with my old roommate, his new roommate and another friend/past co-worker.

It is great to catch up with Drew, Ben (past roommate) and Chris (new roommate) and get acquainted with what is going on staff, our convention at Grand Chapter, and other Sigma Nu HQ related things. I left staff in April and while it has been about three months it still feels like I left yesterday.

I plan to continue to re-connect and enjoy my time with them and other staff members more often in the upcoming months, and years. Once many of these staff guys leave I doubt I will continue to have the same deep connection with the newer and newest members of the staff team. The Sigma Nu staff team is a fraternity onto itself. Regardless of what chapter you were a part of in college when you work for the Headquarters you are automatically part of the non-existent undefined Staff Chapter of Sigma Nu. And you share in the camaraderie, effort, and passion of fulfilling the Vision and Mission of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Expenses: $94.80
Coffee: $3.91
Dinner: $15.89
Misc: $75.00