Day 2 in Lexington. Got up and went to get some coffee at the Lexington Coffee shop. On route there I see the icon’s view of downtown Lexington and have to take a picture for the memories.

Later in the day I drive to Sigma Nu Fraternity HQ – the place where I worked for 13 years to reconnect and say hi to everyone I know there. It is good to talk to the HQ staff and find out how everyone is doing and see familiar smiling faces.

I park in the back parking lot. I love the view of the trees in the back. So much space.

I walk into the building from the back entrance. Looks like Grand Chapter convention planning is definitely underway. Oh, I remember those good ‘ol days. Boxes filled with materials lined up for convention use.

Chapter signs being organized

The unofficial internal Grand Chapter day countdown.

Walking around the property (both inside and outside) I recall wonderful memories of my time on the HQ staff.

First room you walk into from the front: Francis T. Smith Reception area.

Superintendent Francis T. Smith aka Specs

Guest sign in area.

Awards, Delta Magazines, & Fraternal Staff Core Covenant

Founder Room:

Books with Hopkins last name engraved

Piano from the original estate. Still works!

Hall of Honor:


Alpha Room

Hall of Fame:

Fletcher Library

Receptionist Area

All the past and current Regents of Sigma Nu (till June 2014)

Memorial Flag Pavilion

Ethical Leadership Center

Pathway of Honor

Founders Bricks on the Pathway of Honor

Classic carriage house

and the associated parking lot.

Later that evening (after dinner) I would come back to get a picture of the headquarters in the night. The camera doesn’t do the lighting justice.

Around dinner time I head over to Salernos and meet up with Mike and Sharon (adopted parents) for dinner – all you can eat spagetti with garlic bread.

After a generous dinner treat from the Sextons, I continue to work on my blog and uploading pictures from various trips to the cloud – do some laundry and then call it a night. Tomorrow I get up early and have to drive to Athens, Ohio with a small stop in West Virginia. And so begins my trip to the mid West.

Expenses: $58.51
Lunch: $6.07
Coffee: $2.86
Car Maintenance: $39.11
Supplies: $10.47