Finally after a very long drive through traffic from DC I get to Chris and Ashley’s house in Montpelier, Virginia. They live in the rural countryside so the views tend to be gorgeous.

Chris and Ashley are my friends from Lexington, Virginia. After getting married they moved out and closer to Richmond area. I haven’t seen them in a while since they don’t come to Lexington that often and when they do I’m usually away – for good reason. Before I left Chris and I were trying to meetup and reconnect at some point but our schedules didn’t line up. So when the opportunity to drive down to Richmond was available I knew that I definitely wanted to make a point to see them.

When I get there Ashley is there to greet me and a few moments later I see and greet Chris and then am given some serious moonshine.

Chris and Ashley begin prepping for dinner.

Chris begins to tend to the grill outside.

Can’t wait to sink my teeth into those.

The sun in beginning to set and you can see it through the trees.

Last but not least bread.

Food on the table looks yummy.

After a fantastic scrumptious dinner, we sit in the living and catch up some more with a few beers. As you can see we are not really having fun (sarcasm).

The next morning the plan is to get up and go to the South of the James Farmers Market, in Richmond VA.

Vanilla Ice makes it outside.

And we head over to South of the James Farmers Market.

Meeting us there is Rachel and her husband Victor. Ashley tells me to try Mrs. Yoder’s Donuts apparently voted best in Richmond, Virginia.

Definitely delicious, but not the best donuts I’ve had. We continue to walk around the food truck options.

And I decide to order a Shrimp and Grits Taco with Herbs and Aged Cheese. Truly delicious.

Group shot before we decided to leave the market and head back to the house.

Heading back. Feeling full and content with a donut and shrimp and grits taco in my belly.

Later in the evening is the Brazil – Chile football game. Got some watching companions.

And some goodies Ashley made for her father, mom, sister and brother-in-law to snack on during the game.

After a tense game, Brazil pulled through. A few of us are excited about the outcome. Happy to have Damien (Hillary’s husband) another Brazil soccer fan in the house to celebrate the close win.

Time to change into some formal wear and drive over to the David and Stephanie Klass wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Thank for Ashley and Chris for being wonderful hosts, cooking me an amazing dinner, and showing me around Richmond. Cannot wait to see you all again in the future… Almost forgot thank you for the moonshine.

Expenses: $63.25
Breakfast: $8.00
Miscellaneous: $55.25