I wake up early and say goodbye to Tito, and thank him again for letting me stay at his apartment in Union. My North East travel segment is completed. It is not time to head towards good ‘ol Virginia, but first a stop in Washington, DC to see a few friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
I arrive in DC around noon-ish and meet up with my friend Will. He and his wife Samar recently had two additions to their family and I hadn’t met them yet. The last time I was in the area I wasn’t able to see them so I definitely wanted to do a meet and greet.
Unfortunately I totally forgot about taking a few pictures so I had to steal one off facebook. I met up with Will and his two beautiful (now many more months older) baby girls and then later we picked up Samar. It was priceless to see the shock on Samar’s face when she realized I was picking her up from her friends house. Such wonderful people and great memories with them.
I told Will that the picture of me meditating at his pool in 2013 is the most popular picture. I get many comments and questions in person. Wow, that picture is beautiful, what resort at you at? The answer: Will and Samar’s house in Georgetown, Washington DC. 
It was a hot sunny day. I should have gotten into the pool. But I had people to meet and places to go. My next stop was to meet up with my friend Ben in Mount Pleasant. We decided to meet at Coffy Cafe.   

And grab some lunch.

Ben is one of my closest friends. He has also survived the Camino in Spain from St. Jean Peid de Port to Finisterre – and he gave me great advice to prepare on my journey. So during lunch we caught up on my experiences and travels across the North East.
Next up was a treat from Ben to some frozen yogurt. We acted like little kids in the candy store. Okay maybe not Ben… but definitely me.

Hot fudge … YES PLEASE!

Definitely looking good. YUM!

After reconnected with Ben I head out to meet my friends Ashley and Chris who live near Richmond, Virginia. It is going to be a long drive especially with the wild and wonderful weekend traffic. Time to head on out.

So good to see Will, Samar and Ben. Great friends. Thanks for the Fro-yo Ben.

Expenses: $46.52
Gas: $31.00
Tolls: $6.00
Lunch: $9.52