Got up early and said goodbye to the Sextons. I owe them a lot for taking care of me over the years and now. I love the view of the Lexington and Rockbridge County from near their home.

I start driving through West Virginia on route to Athens, Ohio and try to avoid the tolls roads – however Google Maps is not co-operative and Apple Maps does not have that option, so I decide to wing it.

I am visiting my friend Tim who lives in Athens, Ohio and went to school at the University of Rio Grande for undergrad and like Mexican food. When I saw this sign across the street, I had to stop and take a picture.

Eventually after driving through the rural roads of West Virginia and enjoying the beautiful landscapes, I enter Charlestown, West Virginia and decide to stop at a Thai & Sushi restaurant: Su Tei Asian Cuisine. I don’t trust the sushi of West Virginia but I think I should be fine with the Thai food. YELP has great reviews of the place.

The decor and ambience are great.

The food is average – not great but not bad either.


It was reasonable pricing, although to get seated and service sucked. Not sure if that is representative of Charleston, West Virginia. I hope to be back later in the fall/winter and explore a little more when my friend Claire moves down.

I get back in my car and head off to Ohio.

Expenses: $19.24
Gas: $10.01
Lunch: $9.23