I finally get to Athens, Ohio pass by Ohio University and drive to my friend Tim’s place.

Tim and I met in Lexington, Virginia through a mutual friend Alice and since then we’ve grown to become close friends. In about one hour is the USA Belgium game so we both head out quickly to meet the other futbol/patriotic fans at a local bar called Jackie O’s.

I run into his buddy Fogle who I have met time and time again. (Folge is far right. Tim is in the middle)

Game is about to start.

Crowd is anxious and enthusiastic.

And we are definitely refreshed.

It was a tough game to watch. Tim Howard (goalkeeper) played amazing and inspired the country. The USA had their chances but never capitalized on them. In the end the better team Belgium won, but man was it close. I am proud of team USA. They played their hearts out.

After the game we bar hop to a restaurant (Casa Nueva) to get some dinner and play board games. Yes board games.

And then bounce around to Tony’s Tavern (a dive bar) and other various places and enjoy the evening together.

I saw this sign at The Pub and had to take a picture.

In the end – my one day/night in Athens, Ohio was a lot of fun. Tim and I definitely enjoyed our time together and have some good stories for the memory book.

Expenses: $82.40
Gas: $42.00
Dinner: $16.20
Beverages: $12.00
Beverages: $7.00
Taxi: $7.00