After Tim and I got up we headed to a local coffee shop to get some necessarily nourishment.

Heading back to the house and Tim made me a healthy breakfast.

And then I hit the road. It was so good to see my friend Tim. Been a couple of months but with friendships like that you pick up where you left off.

The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

When I got to my friends house in Columbus, Ohio I took a short nap, watch some Roger Federer tennis on the computer, and then headed out to a local cafe Cornerstone Deli for a bite to eat and some blogging.

Then back to the house and the porch for more blogging. And then I see rain followed by my friend Tim (different one).

Tim has been a dedicated volunteer for Sigma Nu Fraternity for many years. And it is through Sigma Nu we met. I have never met anyone as smart as Tim. This guy is a genius. Could give Doogie Howser a run for his intelligence.

We hug, chat for a bit and head out for a brief tour of Columbus and then to the German Village.

At the German Village it slowly begins to rain. We quickly hurry to the Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

Everyone gathers under the awning to take cover

And then it begins to pour.

Finally after what feels like an hour wait we get in and place is packed but atmosphere is fantastic.

The sausages that will fill my belly.

Pastries. Yum. Hopefully there will be room after the sausage feast.

We get seated

The crowded ambiance

Stuff about the restaurant … but I’m too hungry to care for reading.

The German folk music

And then Tim and I opt for the buffet and we begin to dive down into some sausage.

And some soup.

I get a sampler of the local brew

And after another round of sausages, I get some delicious dessert.

My belly is full. I am more than satisfied with the delicious meal. The company is fantastic – friendship and fraternalism at its best. I am grateful for the wonderful German meal that Tim treated me to. We tour a little more of Columbus on the drive back and then food coma kicks in and it is time for bed.

Expenses: $11.08
Coffee: $2.50
Lunch: $8.58