Got up and headed out the door to see this car parked a couple of streets down from Tim’s house. First thought that came to mind was Got Milk?

Tim suggested that I walk down High St, so I did, heading to downtown Columbus. It was a long walk but Spain prepared me for long walks anyway.

Some of the views of High Street.

I get closer to Ohio State University.

I decide to check out the football stadium. My friends Ellie and Scott would be proud. They are die-hard Buckeye fans.

Then I walk across the Oval on campus and it is beautiful.

Finally get to my main destination, the Cartoon Museum at Ohio State.

However it was closed until 1 PM and I was two hours early. Bummer. Will have to come back. I continue walking and see the following store “Go Bucks 14-0 Express”. Had to take a picture. I have my own thoughts and opinions but will not share them about 14-0.

I find a local coffee shop and art gallery: Short North Coffee House and get some coffee and try to work on some Couchsurfing.

After a few hours of sending a gazillion request I get hungry and continue walking. And see this record store. Read the name.

Tim mentioned this restaurant to me yesterday. They specialize in GRILLED CHEESE sandwiches.


Quite good. Later in the evening, Tim picks me up and we head out – on his Harley – to see the fireworks for the 4th of July which actually happen on July 3rd in Columbus, called Red, White and BOOM! It is said to be the biggest fireworks in the state of Ohio.

This was my first time riding on a Harley. We park for free at the Harley Dealership and walk toward the festivities.

Apparently this is where – we think – the fireworks start from: Veterans Memorial Building.

Columbus: the city.

The main tower: Columbus Dispatch

We walk around looking at all the activities, and then find an almost perfect spot to lie down on grass until showtime.

Almost dark.

Dark enough to light up the Columbus Dispatch tower.

The fireworks begin.

They end and there are people everywhere.

Fortunately we are on a bike (good thinking Tim) which makes things easier to navigate and escape the traffic. We head on to a local gastropub: The Crest to grab a bite to eat.

I like this place.

Tim and I ready to dive into the food.

The pork tacos are absolutely delicious.

After a wonderful late dinner treat from Tim, we head on home. Got to get up in the AM and head over to Cincinnati to see my buddy Jerome.

Tim was a fantastic host. He generously took me around, showed me the town, paid for my dinners and essentially funded my travels for another day. Can’t wait to see him again in a few days in Nashville, Tennessee for our bi-annual fraternal convention.

Expenses: $21.57
Coffee: $2.50
Dinner: $19.07