After a good breakfast at the Fernandes, I sit down and begin to watch the tennis match (Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic Final @ Wimbledon). I was getting stressed out – even though I am not playing – and decided to head out earlier than I wanted to, to my friend’s house near Detroit, Michigan.
Finally nearing Detroit in the distance. It always appears smaller in the pictures.

I go to my friends house and unload my gear. I decide to go to the local Starbucks since I cannot find a local mom and pop coffee shop in the area and churn out some blog posts. I catch the Starbucks staff playing around on the cart. The guy took the girl around the entire Starbucks store on the cart. Funny stuff.

My friend Elizabeth gets back to the house. I haven’t see her in about 8 years. We know each other from our time in Lexington, Virginia. So I head over from Starbucks. She orders some pizza and we chat about about various things. Stu her boyfriend grew up here so he gives me the stuff about Detroit, where to go, and where not to go.

Later Elizabeth and I head out to a local brewery: Atwater In The Park that was setup in an old church at Gross Point Park.

We catch up on old times, mutual friends, our lives and Lexington, Virginia.

The beer garden is pleasant and lively.

The old church, now a brewery and restaurant.

It is getting dark so we leave the brewery: Atwater In the Park and head on home.

We decide to take the scenic route of St. Lake Clair in the night time. I can almost see Canada at night. At home the three of us watch some TV together, while I do laundry and then go to bed. Tomorrow, we visit Detroit.

Expenses: $34.98
Gas: $21.00
Coffee: $4.98
Beverages: $9.00