I leave a little late in the morning from Tim’s house, and head over to Maineville, Ohio (a few minutes drive from Cincinnati, Ohio). A little less than 2 hours later I arrive at Jerome home in Maineville, Ohio.
I haven’t see Jerome since 1997. We went to school together, and then later community college – both in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He was always a class ahead of me, but we grew up in the same neighboorhood. Thankfully through facebook we were able to stay connected over the years.
It’s around lunch time and Jerome’s wife Val is making a Indian food. I’m excited. Haven’t had home cooked Indian food in ages.

She says it is nothing special – but this GUY just ate one large serving and went back for seconds. Homecooked Indian food… YUM! Nothing better than a home cooked meal – especially if it Indian food.

After lunch time it is time to watch the Brazil vs Columbia soccer game. Everyone including little Jaden has their Brazil soccer jersey on. I didn’t know Val is a more passionate outspoken Brazil fan that I was.

There are two Hulks. One a player on TV and the other at home. Beware!!

Later in the afternoon Jerome fires up the grill.

And we play some futbol in his backyard. One day I will be able to say good ‘ol ‘Merican futbol. One day!!

After a quick ‘workout’ we munch down on some delicious chicken. The marinade was FANTASTIC – quite flavorful.

As the sun begins to go down we head out. It is the 4th of July and we are going to watch the local fireworks.

But first a stop at United Dairy Farmers for some milkshakes.

They are making Jaden’s and my chocolate milkshakes.

Wish I could have captured the moment Jaden took my milkshake and I had to take his. Didn’t matter since we both ordered the same one and size. But it was funny to see him reach to the far end to grab mine instead of grabbing the one closest to him.

All set for the fireworks.

Sunsets are always beautiful.

The firework display is nice – not as ambitious as the one I saw yesterday at Columbus, Ohio. Reminds me of Lexington, Virginia.

Time to go home and rest. Big day traveling and being touristy in Cincinnati tomorrow.
It is so good to hang out with Jerome and his family. It may be a 17 year reunion, but you catch up really quick with people that you grew up with. Wonderful family and so hospitable and giving. I’m grateful.
Expenses: $0.00