Got up and left the Westhouses and drove to Chicago, Illinois to see my friend Shilpa. 
Shilpa is one of my good friends from high school. We lost touch over the years and through facebook reconnected and kept in touch. Since I was driving to Chicago I definitely wanted to reconnect with her since I was there. Fortunately it also worked out that I could also stay with her at her apt overlooking the city.
We meet up at her home and catch up a little. 

 The view out of her apartment is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see the same view in the night.

Shilpa’s brother-in-law (Mischa) is Dutch, and the Netherlands are playing Argentina in the World Cup semi-final. So obviously they (Shilpa and her sister Shaila) dress up for the game. And being a Brazilian fan it is easy to root for the Dutch since Brazil and Argentina are rivals.

We head out to a local Dutch bar to watch the game: Sedgewicks.

The atmosphere before the game is tense, anxious, and nervously excited.

Apparently Sedgewicks is known for their quesadillas.

The game starts and the atmosphere turns to electric. Ooooh and Aaaahs are filled through out the bar.

We were fortunate to have a great group of guys to share their one table with us. And in the end we had a really really big group of friends show up … sharing the one table.

Sadly though the Dutch did not win. Argentina won only penalty shoot outs and it was a little tough to swallow since the game was a tough emotional roller coaster.

After the game Shilpa and I head out to a local restaurant The Little Goat and go upstairs to their roof top bar. The weather is perfect and beautiful.

We spend a great deal of time catching up with each other’s lives.

While enjoying some white wine. Mine was in a can. Never experienced that before.

As we are talking, Shilpa and I notice two people standing around looking for a place to sit, and we invite them to join us. After the small talk it turns out that I know and have previously met once of them briefly in Lexington, Virginia. Christine went to school at Washington & Lee Law and immediately I recognize where I met her once we realize we have some mutual friends: notable Ferrell and Koral.

So Shilpa, I, Christine and Joel chat for a while and enjoy the moment of meeting new people and realizing what a small interconnected world we live in.

After Christine and Joel leave, we begin to get hungry and decide to go downstairs and eat at the restaurant.

There is relatively short wait, but we get a table.

And the food is not only beautiful but delicious. Shilpa was too generous and treated me to a wonderful dinner.

Later we head back to the house and grab a bottle of Italian wine and enjoy the fantastic Chicago skyline from her roof top.

Fantastic day reconnect with a great friend from the past, and making new friends along the way. Love the City; Love Chicago.

Expenses: $24.00
Beverages: $24.00