After waking up in the morning, Elizabeth and I head out to Detroit. She has to be at a meeting at 2 PM, so we have limited time traveling Detroit. 

Her boyfriend Stu ‘put the fear of God in me’ regarding the bad neighborhoods of Detroit so Elizabeth is going to take me around on a ‘safe and secure’ guided tour to various parts of the city – which I definitely appreciate.

It is about 11:30 AM and we are getting a little hungry. Elizabeth drives me to a Polish community which is in a pocket of Detroit and decided to eat the Polish Village restaurant.


We occupy one of the Polish spots. #OccupyPoland
Walk in the restaurant. Great atmosphere and ambiance.
Get served bread in plastic sandwich bags. That’s a first for a restaurant.


We order some food. Mushroom soup is delicious.

And the freshly fried Polish Pierogis: potato and cheese, meat and sweet cheese (really sweet) we DELICIOUS. I would eat them all day if I could.

After the pierogis we were almost full, and then our main course came out. But it was too good to pass up, so we indulge … as much as we can.

Time to go to go downtown Detroit. We park and then walk to the Detroit Riverwalk.


There you are Windsor, Canada. Oh Canada … I see you.

We see the giant staple General Motors building.

Walk inside and do a car tour. This was the only one that I was somewhat interested in.

We continue to walk around downtown area.


See the infamous fist of boxer Joe Louis … dedicated to his efforts to fight Jim Crow laws.

Then pass by the Spirit of Detroit monument.

We continue to walk towards midtown. I see some of the abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit.

Saw this garbage can and thought it was interesting. You can look at it with a optimistic view or pessimistic view. It is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Walk by the baseball stadium (Detroit Tigers).


And the football stadium (Detroit Lions).

It was getting closer to 2 PM so we head back home. I take a nice LONG nap and then go to Starbucks to catch up on some blogs. Later in the evening Elizabeth and I head over to a local Irish restaurant and she treats me to dinner.

Order some fish and chips.

Stu joins us and we have a great time.

Mid dinner conversation we get stuck on talking about beer specifically Polish beer and trying to accurately pronounce it. Thankfully we have google translate with sound.

Note to self: buy this for Stu if I return to Detroit for a future visit. 
We head back home and call it a night. 
I am so grateful for my time with Elizabeth and Stu. Elizabeth took me around showed me Detroit, bought me dinner (twice) and was a fabulous hostess. And if I go back to Detroit, I definitely plan on visiting Heidelberg again and eating many pierogis at the Polish Village with Elizabeth and Stu.