Elizabeth and I get to Heidelberg Project on Heidelberg Street in Detroit, Michigan.

You can immediately see the abandoned homes and the art that is added that livens up the streets

One of my favorite signs.

One of the first homes we checked out that was at the end of the street.

Lots of clocks everywhere.

This was interesting.

No, my name is not Congo.

The road is plastered with art and so are the sidewalks. Bright, energetic and colorful.

There is so much creative art around, I will just post the pictures and let it speak to you as it spoke to me.

Political art … Hmmm

Elizabeth taking a picture. I consider it art too 😛

No comment.

Shoes dangling on the tree.

Fantastic street to walk on. I could spend more time there appreciating all the unique pieces and artwork. I highly recommend that if you are passing through Detroit, you stop by … even for a drive through the small street. It definitely is memorable.

Visit their website http://www.heidelberg.org/