Got up in the morning and after goodbyes to Elizabeth and Stu I headed out to Evanston, Illinois.

I had some wonderful weather on the drive there.

But eventually the dark stormy clouds subsided and I saw Chicago, Illinois in the distance. Evanston is north of Chicago so a little more driving and I’m there.

Since I got in a little early I decided to go to the World of Beers, get some late lunch and watch the Brazil v/s Germany game. I sported by Brazil jersey and was exited about the match.

20 mins into the game, after 5 goals were scored I was miserable. It was frustrating to watch and an understatement to say I was embarrassed.

The only consolation was that I was going to hang out with Dave who I’ve met through friend Andrew.

Andrew and I have know each other in Lexington, Virginia for ages. We have hung out over the years, lost touch and then reconnected. Dave is his dad, who occasionally visits him in Lexington and co-incidentally whenever there was a visit I was around so Dave, I and Andrew always hung out. When Dave found out about my travels to Chicago he offered me a place to stay while I was down. While I have a few friends in Chicago, I definitely wanted to spend time with him least for one day. Which brings me to Evanston, Illinois.

After cashing out, we bounce around through the various bars of Evanston an enjoy a few beverages and camaraderie.

We head to his home and I get one the bedroom’s Andrew grew up in.

This is so true of Andrew’s personality.

Dave is preparing a steak salad.

And it is delicious.

Cathy joins and we all chat for a little. It is so wonderful to see them both interact together. They are still in love with each other since 1975. Gives me hope for the world and love.

Wonderful people, wonderful conversation and wonderful time. Couldn’t be happier.
Thank you Dave and Cathy for hosting me for the night. Dave, thank you for friendship and the drinks. Andrew thank you – without a friend like you I wouldn’t have had this wonderful experience.
Expenses: $87.87
Gas: $35.02
Beverages: $49.10
Parking: $3.75 (Meter Parking)