Shilpa treated me to a wonderful scrambled eggs and veggies breakfast.

And then I headed out to the car and the drive to Indianapolis, Indiana. I stopped along the road in Indiana because the views with the windmills reminded me about the Camino in Spain.

When I get to close to Noah’s house in Indianapolis I stop at a local coffee house and charge my laptop and get some blogging work done. Noah and I worked together in my early days at Sigma Nu, and still remains a Sigma Nu volunteer. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, but there is always facebook to keep you connected.

Interesting coffee and bar area mixed into one.

I finally meet up with Noah and his roommate Kyle and we head out in the car. Lots of traffic due to the service for the police officer killed in the line of duty.

We get to The Goose Market a nice deli shop that Noah likes.

Yes, I am eating a sandwich called Messi. Nothing related to futbol, but how fitting. A Brazil futbol fan eating a sandwich called Messi.

It was good.

We walk downstairs into the cellar where ‘monsters live’.

Nice collection of local Indiana beer.

We head out to an Bloomington Brewing company: Upland Brewing.

And sample a beer or two. Noah gets his growlers filled and we head back out.

Noah has other obligations to take of, so it is just me and Kyle hitting up Indianapolis, Indiana. Kyle is relatively new to the area so we head out and plan to hit the local scene.

We head out to Fountain Square.

And then go by Fountain Square Brewing Company to sample some of their beer.

We order a flight of beer samples

And make some new friends: Chris and Ashley along the way.

We walk across the street to B’s PoBoy’s.

Sit down and order some poboys.

Not as good as Cajun country poboys but definitely tasty and filling.

Then we walk around the area visiting the cultural district and then go by one of the tall buildings in the Fountain Square area, and head over to the Rooftop Garden Restaurant.

We chill out in the sun, and enjoy the day and I enjoy a Tiramasu cocktail.

Watch the sunset

Setting over the city of Indianapolis.

After the sunset, we head on home, and watch The Purge.

Time to go to bed. Tomorrow will probably be a long touristy day for me.

Expenses: $45.08
Coffee: $1.80
Lunch: $8.56
Beverages: $10.00 (Fountain Square Brewery)
Dinner: $8.93
Beverages: $9.18 (Rooftop Gardens)
Redbox: $1.61
Beverages: $5.00 (6 pack)