Get woken up early in the morning by the sunlight, and moments later this fellow Junior decides to snuggle with me. How can I say no?

Kyle wakes up and we head out to breakfast just a block away at So Bro Cafe in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis.

We both ordered the biscuit and gravy since we heard that it was the best biscuits and gravy in all of Indianapolis. Not sure who said it, or if it was accurate but it was pretty good. I couldn’t finish my plate.

How the bill is delivered.

Kyle has to head out. I take a quick food coma nap and then head out to downtown Indianapolis. I park on the street and feed the meter. Walk around in the rain and notice the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

I head over to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

I find out at the front desk they have free parking, so I decide to get back to my car parked downtown, and drive it to the free parking. Since I have paid about 1.5 hrs of parking I decide to check out what Noah and others have suggested I try … the Shrimp Cocktail at either St. Elmo’s or Harry and Izzys.

St. Elmo’s is not open until 4 PM so I guess I literally turn 180 degrees and walk to the next restaurant over: Harry and Izzy’s.

I sit at the bar and order the Shrimp Cocktail. It is really really large jumbo Shrimp and freshly grated horse radish sauce. It is definitely one of the most delicious and strongest dishes I have ever eaten. Also heavy on the price end: $18.48.

While I’m eating, I start talking to the only other person at the bar beside me. Turns out she is from France and is a WBNA player for the Atlanta Dream: Céline Dumerc.

We talk a little about and since I’ve never been to a professional basketball game (men’s nor women’s) she offers me two tickets to watch the Dream play. WOW! I’m so grateful to her for her generosity. Looking forward to going to the game if I can make it work on my schedule.

I head out, and drive the car to the parking lot under the museum and walk into the museum. The Ansel Adams exhibition of Western America was out of this world. Just amazing. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures of Ansel Adams works.

I did manage to photograph some American Indian pieces and artwork I enjoyed.

And one of my favorite exhibitions.

And other pieces.

Seattle Seahawk resemblence?

And a little about Shamanism. One of the spiritual traditions I am very interested in exploring.

After the museum I head over to a bar called Chatham Tap that is a good place to watch sports in Indianapolis. The energy is a little subdued for the Brazil and Netherlands game. Then again the score is already 2-0 to the Dutch.

I order a Dragonfly IPA from Upland Brewery: the brewery that I tried yesterday.

And watch the Brazil game, as much as I can because it practically feels over before half-time.

Later I head over to my friend Mike’s house. I haven’t since Mike since actually the last time I was in Indianapolis, Indiana for a Sigma Nu Grand Chapter. We worked on a powerpoint slideshow together and made it finally work in the end in the dying minutes before it was due. Won’t forget how we beat the clock on that one.

Mike is a member of Sigma Nu and was hosting a barbeque. Many of his coworkers from Delta Upsilon Fraternity HQ were present. But currently he is working as the Chief Grill Master.

Time to take out those ribs.

My belly is feeling hungry looking at the food.

And so it begins. Time to chow down.

My second plate.

Strawberry jello shots.

Noah, Mike and I.

Heather, Noah and I.

We eat dessert outside.

Which includes Mike’s homemade icecream.

Mike I have to say that was absolutely delicious. You are a fantastic host. Thank you for inviting me even though I got into town at the very last moment. I appreciate your friendship and fraternalism … and most definitely your amazing cooking skills.

I leave the BBQ and head out to watch the basketball game.

At the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

I walk to the ticketing area and sure enough, Céline has left me some tickets. AWESOME!!

I get to my seat just after half time.

There she is #9

Atlanta beat Indiana 93-74. Céline scored 9 points. I noticed that included in the envelope are postgame passes to Section 18 which is at the base of the court. So I head over there after the game.

A couple of players come out but after waiting for a long time, there is no sight of Céline. BUMMER! But I am still grateful for the free tickets and the chance encounter in the first place.

Time to head back to Broad Ripple, meet up with a friend for drinks and then call it a night.

Expenses: $82.70
Breakfast: $10.31
Parking: $3.00
Eiteljorg Museum: $12.00
Lunch: $21.48
Beverages: $5.91
Beverages: $30.00 (Date)