Noah and I get up in the AM. He wants to try out a particular restaurant called The Donut Shop.

They have have donut called Bacon Maple with ‘bacon strips on it’.

Noah and I still down and get some breakfast.

And I get a crushed oreo topped donut.

We go back to the house. I pack up my stuff and drive to Louisville, Kentucky. I am staying with a couchsurfer Mark who I have never met before. I found him on and contacted him. We have a Lexington connection since he went to school at VMI. And later I found out I know one of his friends Brister.

When I get to Louisville, since I have sometime on my hands I go to a local place in the area called: The Silver Dollar.

Holy Moly! They have many bourbons on demand. This reminds me of the Whiskey Bar in Charlottesville, Virginia. I order an Eagle Rare – single barrel 10 yr.

And talk to my bar neighbors: David and Mandy, who give me some recommendations of things to do in Louisville.

Later I meet with my couchsurfing friend John and watch the Futbol World Cup final. Great game and I am happy Germany won. Argentina did put on quite the show. I definitely feel sorry for Messi. Such a great player (not the best – but definitely up there) and he deserves a World Cup anyway. I wish more players would embody the way he plays the game – like a child and with innocence.

Mark heads out, and I lounge about the house catching up with various things and also doing some much needed laundry. I decided that I would completely rest today and be touristy tomorrow. When Mark got back we ventured outside to a local brewery to watch a local music festival and enjoy the music.

Walk by the Silver Dollar again in the night time.

And caddy corner across entered a local restaurant called the Hilltop Tavern.

Mark tells me a lot about the local scene, the shops and culture. I find out that this picture is actually of the bar and the past employees. It has a very Simpson’s like feel to it.

Mark is definitely passionate about sports. And he has served in Afghanistan. After talking to him for a while I discover that he quite the adventurer himself.  He and his now fiancee have bicycled across America (3000 miles) in 60+ days. MUCH RESPECT BRO! We talk a little about my journey on the Camino and his journey and while the medium of travel is different the experiences, hardships, celebrations, and the people we meet are relatively the same.

He suggested we get the Mac and Cheese Fritters

And I get the popular favorite Beer and Cheese Burger on a Pretzel Bun.

After conversing over a wide range of subjects, I am getting tired so we head on home. Looking forward to hanging out with him again. He is a good host. And for my first couchsurfing experience ‘being hosted’ he has been great!

Expenses: $101.65
Breakfast: $20.00
Gas: $32.16
Beverages: $9.48
Dinner: $40.01