Got up in the morning and headed downtown. The plan is to spend a lot of time in downtown area before heading back.

The first stop is Louisville Slugger Musuem. My friend Drew had suggested it. I am not into baseball but there is always an opportunity to learn something new.

Walk in and get my ticket.

I walk around the entrance area and read and learn a little about baseball bats.

See some old gear

And see Derek Jeter.

Patiently waiting for my Factory Tour at 11:10 AM.

Finally get in, and we are told no pictures during the factory tour. Bummer!

So after the tour I see some interesting and good quotes about the Slugger bats. Now just note I am not a New York Yankees fan or a Derek Jeter fan. Just co-incidence of taking two pics. I don’t have a baseball team I root for.

I turn down the offer to get a free bat. I don’t like getting additional stuff. I notice this flag of honor dedicated to the victims of 9/11 near the theater and I am moved by it.

I decide to watch the movie The Heart of the Game

After the movie I walked around and noticed a large baseball glove sculpture holding the ball. It was amusing watching the kids climb on and crawl through the glove from one end to the other.

The museum also had a special exhibition area for the Looney Tunes with some tie into baseball. So I walked into the museum and enjoyed the show.

After the museum I headed over to the Evan Williams Bourbon Tour since it was downtown Louisville.

Sniffing the barrels of bourbon. Can I stay here longer??

Walked around Whiskey Row and talked about the old stores that were back there during prohibition time.

Finally walked into the tasting room.

And quenched my thirst with three samples

Of good bourbon

And some bourbon chocolate.

Then walked downtown to a local coffee shop to get some blogging done.

Ordered some coffee and then saw this: Adult Milkshakes (milkshakes made with bourbon), so I decided to get one.

I got the Bourbon Lover’s Adult Milkshake: Comfy Cow Signature Vanilla Ice Cream with Makers Mark Bourbon, Grand Marnier and Dark Chocolate. Absolutely amazing.

After a full belly, I walked around the riverfront between Indiana and Kentucky for a while. You can see Indiana across.

The park by the riverfront was beautiful.

After a while I turned around and walked back towards the city. Passed by the KFC Yum! center.

Noticed the Bluegrass Brewering Company sign and decided to venture there.

Got a flight of the various beers and had a wonderful conversation with Cindy from Lexington, Kentucky.

Started walking back while enjoying the various sites and artwork of the city.

I decided to walk to the restaurant The Brown Hotel that first created and served the Hot Brown sandwich.

It wasn’t as delicious as it looks, but I did enjoy it.

I then headed back home and met up with Mark and we went to a bunch of restaurants and bars in the area, talked for a while.

Unbelievable and totally not healthy garlic bread sticks.

And then went back home and just chilled and talked for a while.

Mark was an excellent couchsurfing host. He took me around, told me where to go, and I even got tips of free parking spots in Nashville. I hope my other couchsurfing hosts are the same way. 
Expenses: $79.89
Parking: $6.00
Louisville Slugger Museum: $12.00
Lunch: $6.68
Coffee: $10.92
Beverages: $9.99
Dinner: $23.00
Beverages: $11.30