Got up early in the morning and said goodbye to Mark. I am very grateful for him hosting me at his home. I am also grateful for for creating the opportunity. I got up early because I wanted to catch the first tour of the Kentucky Derby racetrack at 8 AM

Door opens and I get a ticket for the Historic Walking Tour and also Inside the Gates Walking Tour.

I walk through the replica horse gates into the museum and walk around.

Go into the 360 degree theater and watching a short movie about the most exciting horse race ever.

After the short movie I joined the others in the movie and walked out and get the historical tour. The race jockey’s club house is upstairs but also is the name of the horse Sir Barton who first won the triple crown in 1919.

We walked by the field and saw some of the horse racing.

Noted the race stands and the historic spires.

The winner stand

And the finish line.
Finally, I saw the race stables at a distance before the race. The gate was closed so we could not enter immediately, however since I signed up for the Inside the Gates Walking Tour I knew I would see it later.

I walk back into the museum, and start walking around.

Checking out the hats

And the Queen’s hat.

I could even watch the old races from start to finish. So I pulled out the race that was won by Secretariat.

Exhibitions about the Triple Crown

The full derby timeline and winners:

Secretariat has the records of winning the triple crown in 1973

But Affirmed is the last horse to win in 1978

More Secretariat and Affirmed stuff.

A history of Churchhill Downs.

The structure of the Kentucky Derby

More secretariat stuff. I watched the Disney movie and became a fan.

My next tour: Inside the Gates begins.

Walk into the main building that invites the celebrities and see the horse decorative arrangement on the top.

See the place inside where the betting takes place.

And then walk into the section where the athletes and other famous people watch the games for $60K a table and $16K a seat.

Almost all the Derby drink glasses are stored here

One of the original Kentucky Derbies.

The GLASS house of Colquhoun.

Millionaires Row

Yeah we are millionaires.

We walk outside the millionaires row and see the finish line and track.

The spires.

Garden view from the roof.

The race track.

I headed out from the race track across the Ohio River to the small town of Jeffersonville, Indiana for some lunch. My friends told me about a place called Ann’s by the River that I must try for some simple country cooking.

Got some friend chicken, peas, collared greens and some home made cake. Everything was good but not great.

The only thing I loved about the restaurant was the toy train that was traveling all across the track on near the ceiling. Priceless and amusing.

After lunch I headed to the Muhammad Ali Center

Walk into the building and see this artwork.

Then go buy a ticket

And go up to the fifth floor and see the view of the Ohio River and river walk.
And then begin the tour


Watched a very impressive documentary on Ali and his courage. 
Some of his beliefs and values exhibitions that moved me.

A boxing ring that has a projection system showing Ali’s fights.

A multimedia room that allows you to see many of the most important fights.

Other exhibitions:

Quotes that inspire:

A Painting of Ali:

Rolls Royce driven by Ali.

Painting of Ali by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman and Ali

I leave the Muhammad Ali Center and feel inspired by the body of his work both in the ring and out. And then I begin to head out and drive towards Nashville, Tennessee for the 66th Grand Chapter.
Expenses: $62.62
Kentucky Derby Museum: $24.00
Lunch: $11.43
Muhammed Ali Center: $9.00
Parking: $2.75
Gas: $15.44